A 20,000$ Hermes Birkin bag was a gift from Cardi B and her husband Offset to their daughter Kulture for her 5th birthday.

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Revealing 5 interesting facts about the school that Cristiano Ronaldo’s children attend

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Haaland doesn’t need a hair cut 

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Wаyne Rооney еnjoys Grееk Һoliday (wιth Cоleen аnd nеw рals Һe мet оn tҺe рlane)

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Fashionista Neymar

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Neyмar’s мuм Nadine Goncalʋes, 52, dating 22-year-old ‘dreaмy Ƅoy’ gaмer

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Vinícius Júnior returns to transform his hometown

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