Biography of Jamal Musiala – 19-year-old prodigy of German football

A detailed introduction to the biography of Jamal Musiala – one of the best young midfielders in German football.

Biography of Jamal Musiala - 19-year-old prodigy of German football

Overview of Jamal Musiala’s biography

Jamal Musiala was born on February 26, 2003 in Germany and grew up mainly in England.

In 2006-2010, Jamal Musiala started practicing football for TVS Lehnerz Club and when he was just 5 years old, he became the top scorer in the G-class Children’s tournament with more than 100 goals.

In 2010-2019, he joined City Central FC youth football club and caught the eye of FC Southampton talent hunters. While studying and training here, Jamal Musiala was discovered by scouts from Chelsea and Arsenal. At that time, he decided to return to Chelsea.

In 2019-2020, he was bought by Bayern Munich and started his professional football career from here.

Jamal Musiala has played for the Three Lions at youth level and made his debut for the U15 team when he was just 13 years old.

Currently, he is playing as a midfielder for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and the German national team.

Jamal Musiala’s club career

Bayern Munich

– 2019-2020: Youngest player to play for Bayern in Bundesliga

– 2020-2021: Youngest scorer of the tournament with both British and German nationality

– 2021-2022: Helps Bayern win its 10th consecutive Bundesliga title

Jamal Musiala’s international career

– 2020: Called up to the England team to compete in the U21 European Championship qualifying round.

– 2021: Debut, participate in FIFA World Cup 2022 and UEFA Euro 2020.

The way Jamal Musiala plays

Jamal Musiala is a versatile player who can play both on the wing and in every position of midfield. He has a great eye and feel for picking the right spaces. Jamal Musiala has been compared to England’s Dele Alli, with similarities in technique, both in height and speed.

Jamal Musiala’s World Records

– Win the FIFA Club World Cup in 2020

Jamal Musiala’s European records

– Youngest English player to score in the Champions League

Youngest player for Bayern club to score in Europe’s highest arena

– Won the UEFA Champions League in 2019-2020

– Champion of the 2020 UEFA Suρer Cup

Jamal Musiala’s personal life

Pursuing a professional football career is not simple, so many young people (from a very early age) have given up their private lives. A good example is Jamal Musiala – who has no girlfriend and only focuses on football.

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