With totaling £244m, Liverpool and FSG have just completed transfer plan that Sadio Mané began

Cody Gakpo, a forward for PSV, has officially moved to Liverpool after the two clubs came to an agreement on a transfer fee. This gives Jürgen Klopp’s team back some of the oƭƭensive depth that they had lately lost.

It has taken practically the entirety of the Jürgen Klopp era, and the process will never end, but with the addition of Cody Gakpo, Liverpool may very well feel that a long-term strategy has come together well. This could be because Cody Gakpo has a lot of experience playing in the Premier League.

Although Sadio Mané, the player who started the process, has already left, and Roberto Firmino, the player who was already there, might not be there for too much longer, Liverpool has been working toward the position they are in now in aттack for a while. Currently, they are in second place in the Premier League.

After the confirmation of his transfer, Gakpo will soon become part of a six-man senior aттacking unit alongside Mohamed Salah, Luis Diaz, Darwin Neez, Diogo Jota, and Firmino. Kaide Gordon, Ben Doak, and other young talents will be backing them up as they compete for playing time.

Their six senior choices, with the exception of Nez, who cost an original £64 million ($80 million or €75 million), have arrived for what the majority of people would consider to be a mid-range transfer fee. Like Diaz did a year ago, Gakpo is coming in for a guaranteed sum of £37 million ($45 million or €42 million).

Salah was roughly £36m ($44m/€41m), Jota £41m ($50m/€47m) and Firmino £29m ($35m/€33m). Although the vast majority of clubs would be unable to pay any of these fees, it is also true that they have consistently demonstrated exceptional value. None of these prices are insignificant.

They are also figures that are a significant amount lower than what many aттackers move for at this time, which totals £244 million ($295 million/€277 million). For comparison, Manchester United paid £85 million ($106 million or €100 million) on Antony in the summer, while Neymar alone cost PSG a world-record £195 million ($236 million or €222 million).

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Due to the facт that his contract with Liverpool has expired, Firmino will be able to leave the club on a free transfer at the conclusion of the current campaign. Naturally, there is a possibility that he may pen an extension, but in the event that he decides to quit, his position ought to be filled by another individual, except Gordon or Doak are prepared to make another significant advance by that time.

Slowly but surely, Liverpool has worked themselves into a position in which — when all of them are fit, which admittedly won’t be for a good while yet — the Reds will be able to call upon six top-class forwards who offer a variety of skills that can be selected depending on who the opponent is. This is a position that the Reds will be in when all of them are fit, which won’t be for a good while yet.

The benefit that Liverpool had from having Divock Origi and Takumi Minamino give depth in aттack the previous season was enormous, and they came close to winning every competition they entered. Up until this point, neither one of them had been replaced, but with the addition of Gakpo, the numbers have been bolstered once more, and with a player who is significantly more talented than either Origi or Minamino.

Because Daz and Jota are going to be sidelined for a sizeable portion of the second half of the season, Liverpool will need to decide whether to keep Firmino or find a replacement for him in the summer. They will also need to ensure that their forward line consists of six players for a period of time greater than six months this time around.

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