With just one action, Mbappe’s path to Real is more visible than ever

Since the World Cup, Mbappe’s potential landing spot has gained attention once more, and Real Madrid has been called the most.

Mbappe has consistently had one of the top performances in the world since the start of the season, despite the distractions off the field. The 24-year-old striker led the league in scoring with 20 goals in 22 games for PSG, including seven in the Champions League.

Prior to the World Cup, PSG’s number 7 continued to stand out, scoring eight goals to take home the top scorer award. Outstanding individual play has brought Mbappe’s name back to the forefront of transfer rumors.

However, few clubs can afford to sign Mbappe due to his high price tag, which might reach 180 million euros. And when it comes to the French striker, Real Madrid is the only logical perfect location.

The Paris-born star might yet be negotiated with by Los Blancos next summer, but only under specific circumstances, the Spanish press reports.

The Defensa Central newspaper specifically stated that Mbappe’s door to the Madrid team is still open but that president Florentino Perez has only one expectation of the player. He would make the initial move this time to make contact.

According to this report, Real Madrid has shifted its attention to the Bellingham deal after signing the youthful prospect Endrick, but Mbappe must be disregarded. The French striker needs only to give the Los Blancos manager a call to start negotiations on a record-breaking agreement.

Mbappe’s agent is reportedly quite intrigued in the possibility of moving to Real Madrid, especially after the youngster felt insecure and offended at PSG, according to Defensa Central. Everything won’t be settled, though, until the current season is through. Mbappe will continue to concentrate on the goal of assisting PSG in winning the team’s first Champions League.

Fans reveɑled the unbelievable thing when Messi lifted the cup after the World Cup final

In the photo that set a record of nearly 75 million likes, the Argentina captain holds a fake Cup brought down by fans from the stands.

According to the Sun, after the World Cup final on December 18, Messi and his teammates only lifted the reɑl Cup when standing on the podium. Not long after, it was taken off the pitch by FIFA officials, following a practice that the players were unaware of.

The players didn’t reɑlize they were holding the fake trophy

A fake Cup was then brought down from the stands by the fans, causing the players to take turns posing for photos thinking it was the reɑl thing. One of the photos, which shows Messi lifting the Cup on Aguero’s shoulder, has beaten the record for the “Egg” photo, with nearly 75 million likes on social media.

Moments later, Di Maria and Messi discovered that the Cup they were holding was a fake when they looked at the bottom. However, these two players laughed together without showing any discomfort.

Messi holds a fake Cup during the victory parade after the final match at Lusail Doha, Qatar on December 18

El Pais claims that two Argentine fans named Manuel and Paula are the owners of the bogus Cup. Initially, they did that in order to get the players to sign it.

Three times, the phony Cup was brought to the field, according to Paula. “Paredes did it for the first time when he snapped a photo of a loved one. He endorsed it. The players held it for 45 minutes the second time. To shoot images, they exchanged hands from family to family. We had to yell for the Cup in the end. It was returned by Lautaro Martinez, who also autographed it.”

A FIFA representative also visited Manuel and Paula to get their assurance that the Cup was not a hoax.

Paulo and Manuel place a false Cup order with the Cup producers. It took around six months to complete the manufacturing. The real object and the imitation are identical in weight and appearance, however the imitation is constructed of plastic and quartz and has a gold paint finish. There are a few aspects that are different, but they are barely noticeable, Paula said.

Messi and his teammates returned the Real Cup to Argentina after the victory to commemorate the occasion. They maintained a copy but quickly had to surrender the version to FIFA.


Messi can only hold the reɑl cup whenparading in Argentina

In the final, Argentina drew 3-3 with France after 120 minutes. In the penalty shootout, Messi and his teammates won 4-2. Argentina won the title for the third time, after the first two times in 1978 and 1986. Meanwhile, France still stopped at two championships in 1998 and 2018.

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