Winning the World Cup, Messi conveniently set a ‘one-hundred-year’ record

The World Cup 2022 has been won by Argentina in an official capacity. Messi and his teammates overcame France in the decisive penalty shootout thanks to their incredible resiliency and bravery, which was on display during the championship match. Messi was not only the player who scored a goal after successfully shooting in the first set of kicks, but he was also the player who scored two goals in the first 120 minutes of play.

Messi not only led Argentina to an outright victory at the World Cup, but he also established a number of new records during the competition, which is the largest football tournament in the world. Accordingly, El Pulga’s most noteworthy accomplishment is that he became the first and only player in the history of the World Cup to score in each and every round of competition. During the group stage, M10 was successful in scoring goals against both Saudi Arabia and Mexico. Messi was eliminated in the round of 16, losing to Australia. The Netherlands advanced to the quarterfinals, and Croatia reached the semifinals.

In addition, Messi has surpassed Pele as the king of football by contributing to goals at the World Cup a total of 21 times, including 13 goals and 8 assists. Pele was the previous record holder for most goals scored at the World Cup (Pele has 12 goals, 8 assists). With 24 matches under his belt, the Argentine striker holds the record for the most appearances ever made at the world’s most prestigious football tournament.

When Messi won the 2022 World Cup, he set a number of new records.

Messi has completed his final noble title, the 2022 World Cup, to cap off a great and fulfilling career.

Not only that, but many controversies and comparisons between Messi and great players of the same era or previous generations nearly ended when everyone acknowledged Messi’s absolute greatness.

Messi will also officially retire from the national team after the 2022 World Cup.

Meanwhile, El Pulga’s future will be determined by his club career.

M10 is likely to leave PSG and find work in the United States or his home country of Argentina.

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