Win the match with Belgium, Romelu Lukaku received ‘thunder news’ from Chelsea


After the Belgian striker had a less-than-stellar season 2021/22 with the English capital team, the club has decided to loan him out to Inter Milan for the remainder of the offseason.

The transfer of Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea FC took place during the summer of 2021 and cost the club a total of 97.5 million pounds sterling.

The 29-year-old had been working toward his objective of winning the Scudetto with Inter Milan for the past ten years, and he had finally accomplished it.


At that time, the people who lived in the green half of London were absolutely enthralled by the magnificent performance that he was giving.

On the other hand, an unanticipated occurrence took place when Lukaku had difficulty performing his duties for Chelsea during his second stint there.

The injury that the Belgian striker sustained after a strong start to the season caused him to lose his form and ultimately ended his season. As a direct consequence of this, head coach Thomas Tuchel made the decision to stop using him.


Because of this, the Blues club decided to allow Lukaku to go back on loan to Inter Milan during the 2022 transfer window. After playing there for 5 matches, he has 2 goals and 1 assist to show for it at Giuseppe Meazza Stadium. Lukaku is rumored to have an interest in staying at Inter Milan for an extended period of time. There was a source that divulged the information that Chelsea is willing to lend Lukaku to the representative of Serie A for the duration of two years.

Nevertheless, the perspective held by the Blues Board of Directors as of late has shifted.

After taking over as president of Chelsea, Todd Boehly has given serious consideration to the financial implications of sending Lukaku out on loan once more.

After looking over the numbers in the club’s financial statements, the American entrepreneur is of the opinion that Chelsea will incur a significant amount of financial loss if they continue to lend Lukaku to Everton.

As a consequence of this, it is quite possible that the Stamford Bridge club will sell Lukaku permanently once the loan agreement that he is currently subject to will come to an end. The Blues are attempting to recoup some of the enormous sum of money that was spent in the past to acquire this player, and they are doing so by trying to sell him at a higher price.

According to the information that was provided by The Sun, it is not yet clear whether Inter Milan has the financial means to sign the striker who was born in 1993 in the year 2023. This is the case despite the fact that Inter Milan has been given this information.

This particular source claims that the Nerazzurri BLD does, in fact, have a plan regarding Lukaku.

Nevertheless, this will be the story that people tell about the year 2024.

The striker, who is now 29 years old, is currently participating in training sessions with the Belgian national team in advance of the World Cup in 2022. Lukaku is currently sidelined with a knee injury, and it is anticipated that he will not be able to participate in either of the upcoming matches that Belgium will play against Canada or Morocco. Roberto Martinez still considers him an important face for the club, despite the fact that his performance there has been erratic.



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