Why Mbappe ‘needs Messi’ to become the best player in the world?

Mbappe must accept that Messi is still the best player on the planet and value the opportunities he has to play with and learn from more experienced players.

Pele is the third football legend to have recently passed away, joining Johan Cruyff and Diego Maradona. Messi is the only football legend in the world. Leo, though, was past the age of retirement at 35. Who could replace Messi?

possibly nobody at all. Or it takes a while for someone to catch up to Messi in order to be referred to as the football king. Another possibility is that Kylian Mbappe’s successor is standing directly in front of the crowd.

Mbappe needs to work hard to stay at the top, though, if he wants to be like Messi. He is a solid player overall, though perhaps not at the level of Ronaldo, Van Basten, Zidane, or Ronaldo de Lima.

It may be said that Mbappe is fortunate to have been born in the generation that followed Messi and Ronaldo in order to succeed them as the greatest footballer in the world. Messi and Ronaldo have won 12 of the 14 Ballon d’Or awards during the past 15 years, from 2008 to 2022, so other players don’t have to contend with them. The Ballon d’Or will not be awarded in 2020.

Mbappe has been and will be able to follow Pele’s route given his World Cup accomplishments. Based on the number of Ballon d’Ors, Mbappe hasn’t accomplished anything personally.

Before the World Cup began in 2022, Benzema received the Ballon d’Or trophy. When presented in 2023, this award will consider the outcomes of the 2022 World Cup. And Messi gets all the love, regardless of how poorly he performs in 2023.

However, Mbappe’s path to renown will be in the years to come. It is unfortunate that he has not received any special accolades. Messi is a genius, yet even at the ages of 20, 21, and 22, Leo’s accomplishments are still below those of Mbappe.

Goals scored, assists received, and their club’s goal conversion rate are the criteria utilized here. As a result, the goal conversion rate is determined by dividing the total goals scored by the total shots on goal.

Mbappe scored 30 goals in 37 games while Messi scored 16 goals in 36 games at the age of 20. Mbappe scored 42 goals in 47 games whereas Messi scored 32 goals in 43 games at the age of 21. Mbappe scored 39 goals in 46 games whereas Messi scored 42 goals in 46 games at the age of 22. Next, Mbappe outperforms Messi in both assists and goal conversion rate.

Mbappe has scored 12 goals in just two World Cup games. In his five World Cup appearances, Messi has 13 goals. Of course, Mbappe will have a prominent supporter throughout the competition, but Messi is largely by himself in the team. Nevertheless, Messi is the only individual to far to win the title of “best player of the tournament” in both the 2014 and 2022 World Cups.

The world audience in the 2022 World Cup final is “grateful” to Argentina and France for providing them with the most memorable sporting event of their life. But it undoubtedly wouldn’t have been such a passionate night without Messi and Mbappe. Football is a team sport, yet it sometimes feels like a gladiatorial contest between the two players.

This confrontation in the desert pitted Messi, who is without a doubt the finest, against the tenacious yet battle-tested teenage Mbappe, who was pursuing Messi. They influence, inspire, and eclipse one another as well as react to one another.

A sympathetic scenario is depicted. Mbappe finished the competition as “scorer” after scoring a hat-trick in the final for the first time since 1966. The brightest light, Messi, could not anticipate fate would mock and test him in such a way until the very last second. In order to become an everlasting king, Messi ascends to the throne, but he is prepared to abdicate and pass the reins to Mbappe.

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