‘What are you looking at?’: Messi expressed tension with Dutch player

The captain of the Argentina team got angry after the quarter-final match of the World Cup against the Netherlands at Lusail Stadium on the morning of December 10

After the final whistle sounded, Lionel Messi approached coach Louis Van Gaal. The two talked with tense expressions on their faces. The captain of the Dutch team kept a serious look, while Messi repeatedly raised his chin with a provocative attitude. Assistant Edgar Davids had to work very hard to dissuade Messi.

When giving an interview, Messi also got angry and told someone: “Looking at what? Go away”. According to the reporter interviewing Messi, the person who was scolded by “El Pulga” was striker Weghorst.

The former Barca star did not forget to mock Van Gaal: “He said the Netherlands would play nice football, what I saw was a cross and a header.”

Right after the successful penalty kick to make it 2-0 for Argentina, Messi made a celebration, putting his hands to his ears and towards coach Van Gaal. This is an action in response to the statements of “Steel Tulip” before the quarter-finals.

In a press conference a few days ago, the former Man United coach said that Messi is an attacking player with good creative ability. However, “EL Pulga” did not contribute when Argentina failed to hold the ball or lost the ball. “This will be our chance,” coach Van Gaal declared.

The words of the Dutch coach have probably reached Messi’s ears. The superstar born in 1987 is famous for being calm but also has to respond.

In the match against the Netherlands, Messi shone with one goal and one assist, thereby leveling the scoring record for Argentina of legend Gabriel Batistuta (10 goals). In the penalty shootout, “El Pulga” also successfully took the first shot to give his teammates confidence. In the end, Argentina beat the Netherlands 4-3 in the penalty shootout to enter the semi-finals.

Argentina fans celebrate when Brazil… is eliminated from the World Cup 2022

Overcoming Korea easily in the 1/8 round, Brazil is expected to win against Croatia and enter the semi-finals.

However, contrary to many people’s predictions, Croatia was the winner with a score of 4-2 in the penalty shootout.

Witnessing Brazil’s defeat, Argentina fans couldn’t seem to contain their excitement, some jumping up and down and waving scarves over their heads.

BBC presenter Gary Lineker tweeted after watching the match: “Argentina fans are very excited about Brazil’s loss”.

The reaction of the Argentine fans was in stark contrast to the reaction of the Brazilian players, with Neymar in tears after his team’s defeat.

Brazil and Argentina are the two most successful South American countries, both have won 7 World Cups in total and a thrilling clash between the two teams is expected if both win the match in the morning. 10/12.

Brazil’s defeat means that the two teams will no longer have the opportunity to meet at this year’s World Cup. It is known that the two teams have never faced each other in the biggest tournament of football in the 21st century.

In addition to being happy that Brazil was eliminated, Argentina fans can also be pleased that their path to the final is said to be wide open. They will face Croatia in the semi-final at 2pm on December 14.

Argentina was one of the most supported countries in this year’s tournament as large numbers of fans flocked to Qatar to watch Lionel Messi play in his final World Cup tournament.

So far, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner has performed brilliantly. In the match against the Netherlands in the quarter-finals, Messi shone with 1 goal and 1 assist.

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