Wayne Rooney credits Erik ten Hag for helping ‘struggling’ Man Utd star

Rashford is among the top scorers in the World Cup so far and has been an important member of England’s team in Qatar.

Following the appointment of Dutch boss Ten Hag at Old Trafford in the summer, the 25-year-old has also experienced a comeback this season.

In 19 games for United so far in 2022–23—the season is now on hold for the World Cup—Rashford has tallied eight goals and three assists.

Rashford had a difficult 2021–22 season, struggling under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralf Rangnick before his recent resurgence.

You could feel Rashford’s confidence build following his strikes against the Welsh, according to legendary United forward Rooney, who discussed the striker in an interview with The Times.

“With him, confidence is essential.” He was a little sloppy and threw the ball away a few times in the first half against Wales, but he didn’t let it get to him.

Marcus’ mannerisms have changed from when he was having trouble last season, as you can tell.

He is being more direct, grinning more, and racing with the ball. I believe Manchester United, where Erik ten Hag has done a fantastic job managing him, has noticed the same improvement in him.

The main thing for me is that during Covid, Marcus engaged in a lot of campaigning and involvement with activities off the field, so it appears that he is in a much better place mentally.

His accomplishments were amazing, but I believe they may have been a little too much for him.

There was too much on his plate for him to be able to concentrate only on his football, as opposed to this season, when there has been a strong emphasis on football first and foremost.

You can see he is in a different frame of mind from some of his goals, according to the coach.

You can see his self-assurance and his readiness to follow behind. He’s constantly after the ball.

Marcus Rashford is a huge asset for England, and that is true. And Marcus, with those runs, is arguably the perfect player for Harry Kane to play with if he drops deep and plays through balls.

There aren’t many players with Marcus’ quickness and straightforward racing toward goal. I watched him develop at Manchester United.

“You never know how much football players watch these days, but I know from being in camps that at competitions you sit around together watching a lot of games as a group,” said one camper.

And I believe that while Marcus is watching France, he will be observing Kylian Mbappe’s quickness and directness when he receives the ball on the left. Marcus will likely be watching Mbappé and thinking, “I can do that,” in my opinion.

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