Vinicius’ Branding Brilliance – Footballer’s Success Goes Beyond the Field

During his summer vacation, Vinicius visited places like Tokyo, Dubai, Panama City, and Miami, and people like Maluma, Paul Pogba, Paulo Dybala, Jimmy Butler, Ronaldinho, and Ja Morant relied on him for their private and public activities.

The Brazilian attacker, who turned 22 on July 12, has witnessed a tremendous increase in his brand since joining Real Madrid in July 2018.

He is currently one of the players that businesses, fans, and even the biggest stars in the world want the most.

Vinicius’ relationship with Real Madrid began in 2016, when he signed his contract, but he didn’t enter Valdebebas for the first time until 2018, shortly after turning 18.

Young ambition enabled him to overcome any challenge. Vinicius has developed significantly both on and off the field thanks to a solid family foundation and a squad that treats him like a son.

New contract and pay for Vinicius

He is currently Real Madrid’s star, and his contract has been extended till 2027. Soon there will be a statement released.

Vinicius has proven himself worthy of a spot in the Real Madrid team on the field, and his goal against Liverpool in the Champions League final was the cherry on top of four years of unceasing improvement.

Because of this, the Brazilian international has moved up the pay structure from the lowest to now being among the most paid Real Madrid players.

He will now receive 10 million euros, which would rise dependent on a series of goals organized similarly to the existing ones, up from his previous earnings of 3.2 million euros, with the potential to reach 4 million euros with incentives.

Real Madrid increased his buyout clause from 350 million euros to 1 ʙɪʟʟɪᴏɴ euros in an effort to deter state-owned teams, even though it wasn’t really necessary.

Vinicius refused Paris Saint-Germain’s request to terminate his Real Madrid contract in exchange for 40 million euros. Vinicius, though, has never thought about quitting Los Blancos.

Vinicius turns into a global icon.

Vinicius joined Real Madrid with 1.5 million Instagram followers; today, he has 21.3 million. Instagram is the social media platform he utilizes the most.

In contrast to 2018, when he scarcely had any business partnerships, in the four years since, a large number of brands have lined up to hire him. The Brazilian already has partnerships with Nike, Golden Concept, One Football, Vini, BetNational, and Dolce & Gabbana. However, in the upcoming month, five additional sponsors will join forces with the Real Madrid player.

He is an ambassador for eleven companies, and this week, one of the busiest streets in Tokyo had his image on one of its facades.

Along with Karim Benzema, his name is already the one that is printed on jerseys the most at the official Real Madrid store. By 2023, sales of his jersey are expected to surge even higher, according to projections.

Keeping his feet on the ground

A staff of 30 individuals who work around the clock to keep the Brazilian focused always prioritize football and place it at the center of everything they do for him.

He had his personal fitness trainer, Thiago Lobos, with him constantly over the holidays, helping him prepare for the upcoming season.

He maintains a strict diet, and ᴀʟᴄᴏʜᴏʟ is never present at his summertime gatherings. Since his arrival, his physical metamorphosis has been obvious.

Since practice has begun, Vinicius’ braided summer appearance has vanished as he is aware of the difference between vacation and re-applying the Real Madrid crest to his ʙʀᴇᴀsᴛ.

Always in the center of a profession that currently has no ceiling is football.

During the Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos-organized charity match in Miami, Hristo Stoichkov and Rene Higuita remarked to him, “You are a phenomenon; never change the way you are and the way you work.”

Vinicius, who remembers Flamengo and the neighborhoods where he grew up as a player and as a person, also won’t ever forget his roots.

His name is given to a foundation that promotes youth football education. It is one of the things that he is most enthusiastic about and that now drives him the most.

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