Valorant is about to have a new team battle mode that allows agents to use their skills

Valorant’s Deathmacth mode has been quietly improved and is about to be released as HURM, with more cool features.

Riot’s shooter has brought a new breath to the FPS game market when it blends many different aspects, thereby making Valorant much more attractive. However, shooting is still the focus of Valorant, and that is why the current Deathmatch mode of this game is not very popular with many gamers. However, things will change in an upcoming update.

According to leaked sources, Valorant’s new mode called HURM will allow players to use agent skills in battle. The feature limitations of the current version of deathmatch will be greatly removed and allow players to freely use the skills of their favorite agents to enjoy this mode. than.See also: Valorant is about to launch a “dancing” feature like Fortnite that makes gamers flutter

But there is a problem, in this mode the player will be respawned randomly. And imagine the scene where you just resurrected and got lost in the flash matrix, poison wall or billions of other skills, it must not be a pleasant experience. So HURM might sound great, but players aren’t necessarily ready to trade that much.See also: Valorant collaborates with WEBTOON on its latest event

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