Update: Bernardo Silva by Fabrizio Romano: Manchester City determined to keep the Portuguese midfielder

In an article about Bernardo Silva authored by Fabrizio Romano, it is stated that Manchester City is determined about keeping the Portuguese midfielder this summer and will only consent to a transfer if they are supplied with an incredibly large offer that they cannot refuse. Romano’s article also states that Manchester City will only sell the player if they are presented with an offer that is so big that they cannot refuse it.

The next Saudi mega deal?! Al-Hilal preparing mammoth €220m overall offer  for Manchester City star Bernardo Silva | Goal.com UK

Even though Bernardo has previously declared three times that he is interested in leaving Manchester, he is not putting any pressure on the club to sell him, despite the fact that he has expressed his interest in leaving Manchester three times. Because Bernardo has such profound feelings for the club, he does not want to take any chances that could jeopardize the amazing connection that all of them have.

Bernardo Silva: Hiện tại tôi chơi bóng đơn giản hơn nhiều

If the visiting team does not pay the asking price that the home team has set for Bernardo to join their roster, he will continue to play in a content manner and will keep the mode turned on. Bernardo has a healthy amount of respect for the club’s decision, and he will not leave until the away team meets the price that the home team has set for him to join their roster. dedication.

Bernardo Silva sent Saudi Arabia message as Man City agree fee for  youngster - Manchester Evening News

There is a good chance that Bernardo would wish to relocate to a location other than Manchester, and doing so would not provide a significant obstacle for him. If you are interested in acquiring me, you are required to first discuss the matter with my host club; after that, it will be my time. If you are interested in purchasing me, you are required to first discuss the problem with my host club.

Bernardo Silva on Twitter: "THE BEST TEAM IN THE LAND AND ALL THE WORLD   @ManCity https://t.co/uhwCu5CXWi" / Twitter

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