‘Unbelievable’ – Win the World Cup but Messi is still far behind Ronaldo

Messi wins once more to cap off a career worthy of a genius, but for a man like Ronaldo who carved his own way in the world, this is hardly the end.

It’s possible that the final whistle that signals the end of the contest for the 2022 World Cup final will also signal the end of the era of competition between Messi and Ronaldo, as well as the never-ending heated controversies that have been stoked by fans of the two top stars of the ball. This world has to be rocked about who the number one is.

The movie which was released in the late 1980s, immediately comes to mind when I see this image. In the movie, the Gypsy world is on the hunt for a hidden book that is said to include stronger martial arts moves. This book is said to contain the secrets to the Gypsy fighting style. It is stated that whoever receives the book will have hegemony over the martial arts and will be the champion of the whole globe. Because the so book does not have any words or illustrations, nobody is able to figure out what is written in it because there is no way to read it. The actual book is a brilliant white color.

In the end, the book was delivered to a blind martial artist who practiced regular martial arts, had a normal internal gong, and was proficient in regular martial arts. This transpired as if it were written in the stars. The martial artist can acquire a variety of enchanted abilities by reading this book because it emanates a dazzling aura. Because of these powers, the martial artist is able to broaden his perspective and develop the most cutting-edge martial arts in the world. It is not an exaggeration to claim that the martial artist in question is gifted beyond compare and possesses the intellect of a genius.

Another student appeared at the same time as the first one, and both of them had the same goal of becoming unbeatable in the field of martial arts. He initially had the same level of success in identifying the Book of Wushui as he had, but in contrast to him, it did not glow. While this martial artist was in a situation of desperation, his wife had the idea to combine the essence of all martial arts from across the world into a book called Huu Tu Thien Thu. She came up with the concept while he was in a condition of desperation.

After that, this martial artist made it a top priority to train as frequently as humanly possible, and he did it at any time of day or night, spring, summer, fall, or winter. He emerged triumphant over all of the well-known fighters and teachers at the end of the martial arts convention. At the end of the movie, two different characters come to the conclusion that the only way to find out who is more talented is for them to compete against each other. As a direct result of this, the martial artist Vo Tu Thien Thu was successful in defeating his opponent.

When I was a teenager, coming to that conclusion was a rewarding experience for me. A lengthy period of time has passed during which a vision of the hero Wu Tu Thien Thu has been continually replayed in my imagination. And even at this very minute, it’s almost as if I can see that image again in the competition that Messi and Ronaldo are having with one another.

Messi is truly one of the greatest football players of all time, much like the naturally talented martial artist portrayed in the film that was just described. As soon as I laid eyes on the magnificent ball that the Argentine great possessed, I was transfixed by it. Prior to the method in which he got through the crowd of defenders, he adjusted the ball so that it went into the “corners” of the goal that the goalkeepers had produced. This allowed him to score. This left me unable to find the words. even those who have no control over their own fate. As a result of this, Messi has been presented with practically all of the highest distinctions that can be presented to an individual player on the club level as well as the level of the national team.

And Ronaldo is comparable to a martial artist who dedicates every waking moment of his life to perfecting his moves with the hope that one day he would be able to use those moves to dominate the globe. As a natural consequence of this, CR7’s path was significantly more challenging and rocky, and as a direct consequence of this, he won a significantly lower amount of trophies than Messi. As a direct consequence of this, Ronaldo’s competitors have a greater number of chances to win over spectators with their play while they have the ball than Ronaldo does.

Nevertheless, Ronaldo possesses one quality that sets him apart from Messi more than any other, and that is the drive to train extremely diligently and seriously, as well as a never-ending ambition to be the best in the world. Messi possesses none of these qualities. Messi have a higher inherent ability for the sport of soccer. There are a lot of articles that have been written about how hard Ronaldo worked in the gym, on the training ground, or how he lived his life in strict compliance with science, not allowing himself to let go for even a second. Some of these papers talk about Ronaldo’s attempts to live his life in complete harmony with scientific principles.

An impression that will not soon be forgotten is the photo of Ronaldo pushing out the carbonated water bottle of the sponsor during the press conference so that he may drink filtered water instead. Or, more recently, right after the loss to Morocco in the 2022 World Cup, fans saw the Portuguese star appear in the gym and on the training pitch, racing into training with an unabated will to win. This occurred just after the match. This is something that even the least seasoned players are unable to achieve successfully.

In addition to that, there is a great deal more information pertaining to these two athletes than can be communicated in just a few phrases. It is possible to draw parallels between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and Vo Thien Thu and Huu Thien Thu of the Tu Thien Thu dynasty. But now that I’m in my forties, I have a different perspective (compared to when I was a teenager): I admire those people who are courageous enough to put in their own effort to acquire what they want, and who are prepared to get back up and try again after they’ve been unsuccessful the first time. From the very beginning, the thought that I should “give up” never once crossed my mind at any point.

Messi added a coveted gold trophy to his collection of legendary trophies at the World Cup, which was the last competition of his career. This brought his total number of trophies to a total of four. M10 prevailed over CR7 for the second time in a row. But Ronaldo is still there, as is his normal pattern, behaving like a “crazy guy” and harboring the desire to realize the dream one more time.

When our emotions have returned to a state of equilibrium and the game has ended, we go on to the next stage of each person’s life journey. The game is over, and the spectators have vacated their seats. In my house, I will always display two pictures of Messi and Ronaldo so that anytime I look at them, I may be motivated by a brilliant mind on the one side and an unbreakable resolve on the other.

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