‘Unbelievable’ – Messi was called a ‘HDD’ by Barca’s leaders

The leadership of Barcelona made a number of these claims. The Argentine forward was repeatedly called a “hormone-deficient dwarf” and a “rat” by those in question. Both of these slurs were used by them in their chat.

The scandals that surrounding Josep Maria Bartomeu and his administration have continued to surface over the past few years, despite the fact that he has been removed from his post as Barcelona’s mayor for some time. Despite the fact that they have continued to emerge over the past few years, this is the case. An article that was published in the most recent edition of the daily elPeriódico details the substance of the WhatsApp conversations that members of Barcelona’s leadership team sent and received while Bartomeu was in control. The most current edition of the daily elPeriódico had the article. These messages provide some “ocn” light on a number of Messi-related topics.

Messi was referred to as a “rat” by Román Gómez Ponti, who had previously served as the head of the legal department at Barcelona. Messi currently plays soccer at the professional level for the Barcelona club. Ponti referred to Messi as a “hormone-deficient dwarf who is indebted to the club for life.” This characterization was made by Ponti. These messages were initially distributed on the 31st of January, 2021, at the same time that a portion of the contract that Messi had with Barcelona was published in the newspaper El Mundo. Messi and Barcelona were the parties involved in the contract.

The following message, which was sent to Bartomeu by Ponti in the form of a text message, was received by Bartomeu: “Barto, you can’t be so nice to this rat for an indefinite amount of time; you can’t continue to show him such consideration. After being given everything by the club, he went on to dominate everything, particularly buying and selling items for a significant amount of time in accordance with his whims for the duration of his dominance. He continued in this manner for a considerable amount of time. It is absolutely necessary to coordinate your efforts with him in order to bring any deal to a successful conclusion, and the club will compensate his agent for the services he provides.

“Due in large part to the hormone-deficient dwarf who is a member of the club, the people in charge of operating it have had to endure a tremendous lot of suffering. He owed Barca his life and should have been more responsible, but in the case at hand, neither of those things happened. He should have used more common sense, in my opinion. He texted the chairman as soon as the pandemic hit, telling him to reduce someone else’s pay but not my or Luis Suarez’s. This request did not mention Luis Suarez.

Ponti was found to be the individual who leaked details on Messi and Gerard Pique’s contracts to the media, according to the inquiry into the “Barcagate” scandal. The inquiry led to the conclusion that was made. The Catalan police reached this determination as a result of their findings after looking into the situation. As a result of the financial difficulties brought on by COVID-19, the Barca leadership was pressuring the players to take pay cuts during that time.

In light of the fact that Barca was going through a crisis brought on by COVID-19, this was done. This choice was made taking into account the fact that Barca was experiencing some financial problems as a direct result of the COVID-19. They reasoned that portraying Messi and Pique as villains in front of the crowd would serve the team’s interests the best. They came to the following conclusion. Barcelona will be compelled to recruit replacement players if these two superstars decline the pay decrease that has been extended to them.

Last but not least, the Barcagate “canal” was the impetus behind Bartomeu’s earlier-than-expected resignation from his job. As soon as Joan Laporta became president of Barcelona, the team experienced a financial crisis, which prevented them from offering Lionel Messi a new contract. This was an immediate result of the club’s financial situation.


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