UFO sighting: Shiny metallic ‘alien craft’ filmed over German city – ‘I was STUNNED’

UFO enthusiasts are excitedly analysing what they consider evidence of an alien craft flying above Germany.

Amateur video purportedly shot this week has emerged, which supposedly shows a UFO. The poor-quality footage shows a suspicious speck apparently flying in the far distance. But UFO conspiracy theorists quickly took to the internet to suggest the anomaly is, in fact, alien in origin.

UFO hunter Scott Waring believes the unidentified flying object has all the hallmarks of having a classic disk-shape.

He wrote on his blog UFO Sightings Daily: “This amazing catch was made in the city of Rukersdorf, Germany yesterday [September 9].

“The person caught sight of a metallic object in the sky and captured a pretty good video of the object.

“The UFO is rotating slowly and we see it from different angles. Because it slightly tilted and reflecting light off its shiny surface.

“It almost looks like a disk, but the bottom of the craft is not round. But more like a four-sided pyramid on its bottom.

“Wow, to see a craft this close and in broad daylight is very bold of any alien craft.”

Then, somewhat bizarrely, Mr Waring expounds on his theory, with a highly controversial explanation for the alleged UFO sighting.

He said: “Maybe it came so close due to lockdowns caused by COVID-19.

“It may have believed that no-one would see it, since most people are inside their homes.”

The UFO Sighting Daily blogger also includes what he claims are quotes from the original eyewitness.

They say: “I drawn to my balcony and spotted the object.

“I was stunned for some time until I got a grip of myself and got the camera.

“The object was much closer and bigger before I got the camera.

“It seemed to shapeshift and emitted lights.

“It did not respond to my mental attempts calling it to come back or change direction.

“No sound. Direction west from where I was standing.”

However, there is in reality a far more prosaic explanation for the phenomenon.

The anomaly is much more likely to be a rogue weather balloon or simply a plane.


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