UFO Sighting Over Marseille In France (video)

Here’s an absolute stunning UFO filmed on tape in the southern part of France over the city of Marseille and by the way. The French have an extensive resume on “UFO sightings in France” see here for this list. And this one will surely be added to that list.

It was published anonymously as far as we can tell and the information is very limited. So all that we basically have to go from is the video itself which is convincing.

OK that’s not enough to give us a definitive answer. But it’s the absolute bulk of being able to determine one and make a decision at least and plus, from what I’m seeing this looks good?

UFO Sighting Over Marseille In France (video) 1

There will be people out there with the same evidence as us but who will try to convince you. That this is fake or that this is real. But still the information is all the same. It could be real or it could be fake and therefore it’s a 50/50 chance and nothing more.

UFO Sighting Over Marseille In France (video) 2

Go with your gut feeling’s and if your convinced then that’s all well and good. But don’t add anything that isn’t there. If it’s fake then it will definitely come out that it’s fake. If you feel it’s fake, then that’s all well and good. You can’t convince people it’s fake on a feeling alone. As I’ve seen people trying to do that. Also on the same note, I don’t try to convince people if a sighting is real. As I ask people to go with their instincts and feelings only.

Here’s an image from the video that I snipped and have zoomed in to the UFO to get a closer look at it. That’s why it’s blurry in this image as I wanted to get a closer look at the UFO. But the pixels degrade the more I zoomed in to the UFO from just an image.

UFO Sighting Over Marseille In France (video) 3

Based on the information right now that we have about this I’m going to say. That this is looking pretty good as far as a “genuine UFO sighting was happening”. That the shaky video is because when zoomed in full, the slightest movement will always produce a shaky video.

Try it yourself, zoom on to something full and you’ll see that when a slight hand movement happens the video is all over the place.

It therefore looks right to me. It’s actually flying very slowly and almost hovering – not floating (very different things) and overall it has a good feel to it and as of today this really could be the real deal? Check back here for updates as I’ll keep you posted on any developments as or if they happen.

France has been the subject to many UFO sighting’s recently like this Boomerang UFO. And then there’s this online post from Reuters which explained that the French Space Agency was going to publish it’s UFO archive online (back in 2007). But we found this aswell Wikipedia and this also as it’s the official French UFO archive Geipan.

Geipan is the UFO investigation department of the French Space Agency and has released more than 100,000 pages and photos and videos! This UFO video will no doubt added to that ever growing list of Unmanned Aerial Phenomenon or UAP.

Jacques Arnould, an official at the National Space Studies Center (CNES), said the French database of around 1,600 incidents would go live in late January or mid-February (2007). Sure enough it did, links are below.

He said the CNES had been collecting statements and documents for almost 30 years to archive and study them (mind blowing).“Often they are made to the Gendarmerie, which provides an official witness statement. Some come from airline pilots,” he said by telephone.

Given the success of films about visitations from outer space like “E.T.”, “Close Encounters of The Third Kind” and “Independence Day”, the CNES archive is likely to prove a hit. It consists of around 6,000 reports, many relating to the same incident, filed by the public and airline professionals.

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