Tower of Fantasy gamers molded Genshin Impact standard character presets to surprise

With a character generator that is quite versatile and easy to manipulate, Tower of Fantasy gamers have easily recreated almost all of Genshin Impact’s characters so that they can be used as their main character to reincarnate from one game to another. …

Whether you like the game or not, Tower of Fantasy also owns a fairly “optimal” character generator that allows gamers to mold Preset characters that are almost very similar to the current Genshin Impact. According to the ID Preset system available in the game, all gamers can immediately get these Presets on the game system and change it as their main character at will without any difficulty.

Instructions on how to use other people’s character presets:

In the character creation frame, you can easily click the Import button and enter any other player’s Preset ID available to get that Preset for yourself to edit and choose as the main character. You can also click the Share button to share the Preset that you created yourself for other players to use.

Below will be a Summary of Tower of Fantasy character Preset IDs modeled after Genshin Impact’s characters that you can search for ID to get right away:

Hutao – ID: 799

Lumine (Female Traveler) – 3396865

Dainslef – ID: 2806875

Yoimiya – 2335030

Zhongli – 1869

Keqing – 690

Bennett – 1929

Yelan – 11656

Eula – 2259853

Jean – 183385

Fischl – 4373503

Ganyu – 905366

Noelle – 3476580

Childe – 6388

Shinobu – 4096446

Mona – 504523

Kaeya – 291326

Beidou – 3256999

Venti – 70478

Xiao – 1146520

Chongyun – 737

Xinyan – 2202194

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