Top unexpected “top notch” mods in Genshin Impact

Here are the 4 most interesting character mods in Genshin Impact.

There are many open-world titles that are full of mods, as this feature can make the player experience more unique and interesting and Genshin Impact is not an exception. Players are not recommended to do so because mods always have the potential to be banned or buggy in the game. However, the Genshin Impact community defied it and created some incredible mods to bring some of the world’s most famous characters into this popular gacha title.

Gamers can see a number of mods that can make you forget about the game’s original character in this article, from changing costumes to some characters that you certainly never expected. Here are the 4 most interesting character mods in Genshin Impact

Monkey D. Luffy

Mods Genshin Impact This brings the main character of the popular series One Piece to the world of Teyvat, with Monkey D.Luffy replacing the character Shikanoin Heizou. Luffy has all the Wind elemental skills as well as attacks with the same attacks as Heizou. Hardcore One Piece fans will surely enjoy seeing it Luffy on Beidou’s pirate ship, the Alcor.

Minecraft Steve

This next mod takes the character Steve from Minecraft enter GenshinImpact, replacing Aether. This character swap may seem confusing at first, until the player uses the Jaw-type Traveler’s Elemental Skill, placing a large Lava construction similar to the construction mechanics of Minecraft. The mod also works with other elements of the Traveler, although the elemental lava definitely works best with Steve’s skill set.

Childe mod Timmie

This mod replaces the character Childe by NPC Timmie, giving the player the opportunity to take on the role of an NPC who loves Mondstadt’s pigeons. Destroying the pigeons of the character Timmie must be one of the actions that gamers Genshin Impact have all done. With the skills that Timmie inherited from Childe, gamers will certainly give up this NPC’s habit of poking pigeons. With Childe’s powerful Water elemental skill, Timmie can destroy any enemy that stands in his way.

Mod CJ from GTA

Thanks to the talent of the modders, finally CJ from GTA: San Andreas also came to the world Genshin Impact. For quite a long time modders used to sneak CJ into games where he definitely didn’t belong and although it took a while. Most recently, the new mod is extremely funny, when it replaces the cat in the game Stray with CJ.

CJ can make good use of Rage Skills in the game, although he is equipped with a much more powerful weapon than a bow. Gamers will “laugh out loud” when they see this character running around Teyvat in the video above.

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