Top 7 indie horror games that don’t look terrible but are unbelievably creepy

Although they are indie games, these horror products can completely make players feel fear and stress when experiencing them.


In this game, gamers will transform into a red, shapeless creature with dozens of tentacles, imprisoned in a research facility owned by a company called Relith Science.

The gameplay of the game will begin when the player escapes out, from there going to different locations of the research facility. During the move, you will be forced to attack and destroy all the employees, scientists and security forces here in order to increase your size. If you don’t, you will be shot by the security guards here and the game will end soon after.

The horror element of the game comes from the fact that you can kill, eat and play with the game’s NPCs the way alien creatures in the movies used to do. It’s not just a bloody game, but you have to use your reasoning mind to find a way out of this research facility as soon as possible.


A famous indie horror game, with the atmosphere of the game always carrying a gloomy, sad color. Players will in turn control 2 students, who are also the main characters of the game, Wei and Ray, who are trapped in a school that cannot be escaped. During the game, players will focus mainly on exploring the school and finding the necessary items, thereby unlocking the secrets here.

When moving, you will have the ability to encounter ghosts appearing in the corridors of the game, at this time players will have to use the mechanism of holding their breath, as well as moving skillfully to remain undetected. Although developed on 2D graphics, but with scary sounds, screams from ghosts will make you shiver.

Little Nightmares 2

The second game of Little Nightmares will take players on a journey of Mono, while uncovering the unsolved mysteries in Pale City with the center of The Signal Tower – Broadcasting Station. At Signal Tower, there are always mysterious waves, transmitting images and sounds on the TVs of the people here and making them crazy.

Reveal The Deep

This is an indie game that takes gamers on a journey to discover a shipwreck. What you have is just the faint light from your helmet, and the surroundings don’t have any light at all. Since this is a shipwreck, this place possesses the presence of a mysterious entity.

The goal of that game is to exploit people’s fear of unknown things in the depths of the sea, creating a creepy atmosphere even without the jumpscare to scare the player. When you are in the deep ocean but don’t know what will happen and that makes the gamer’s experience a lot scarier.

Lone Survivor

Gamers will transform into a man who wakes up in a room filled with man-eating monsters. Your task now is to rummage through the entire room in search of self-defense weapons, but you should also be careful of the traps placed right above in the game without your knowledge.

With pixelated graphics to limit the scary mode, but the vagueness of Lone Survivor is also what makes players shiver every time they go anywhere. If you are a person who has a passion for indie games, this is definitely a unique horror game that should not be missed.


Once a very popular product, Limbo does not have too many dialogues but arranges the details in a clever way to the point of ingenuity. There are not too many horror or dramatic scenes, but the emotions that players get when playing the game will be very complete and hard to fade. The game creates a very dark feeling because the white graphics appear throughout, the player will not know what will happen in front of him, but still have to work hard to move forward if they want to know the end of the game. game.

With a somewhat simple graphic background, the fascinating plot development is what keeps Limbo a favorite among gamers since its launch to the present time. Many gamers, after experiencing Limbo, quickly affirmed that this is a masterpiece of the indie game world worldwide.


There are no specific instructions and even players do not know the context of the game. Your task is to collect clues for your next destination. However, difficult puzzles are not the unique point of the game, because Inside’s plot is what makes players unable to take their eyes off the screen every time they play the game.

Throughout the game, you will encounter strange and extremely scary phenomena such as walking corpses, machines that look a lot like brain control devices, a ferocious wild boar with a sign of a wild boar. There are parasites all over the body, and a mysterious creature swimming in the water is always waiting for the right time to attack you.

Of course, that’s still not the end because you will have to face many more things on your way of discovery, thereby unlocking the mystery of the events you have faced.

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