Top 10 most valuable skills in Genshin Impact for you to use the Crown of Knowledge

Crown of Knowledge – the second rarest item in Genshin Impact will give you a headache when using. Therefore, the use of this item needs to be calculated very carefully.

The skill upgrade for characters in Genshin Impact requires a lot of resources, including Crown of Knowledge – extremely important and also extremely difficult to get when you want to upgrade your skills to the maximum. This is the rarest upgrade material in the game, which can only be obtained from certain events on the map or limited events. Therefore, it is paramount to use this item correctly.

Currently, only 6 Crowns of Knowledge appear in Genshin Impact. The other crowns only appear in the limited time events of this game, currently the Golden Apple Island with 1 Crown of Knowledge as a reward for the player. The remaining 6 crowns can be obtained by: – ​​Upgrading the Cold Resistant Tree in Snow Mountain Dragon Tich to level 11. – Sacrifice the Divine Cherry Tree at Narukami Shrine to levels 5,15,25,35 and 45. In this article, Lagvn will introduce 10 best skills to spend the Crown of Knowledge that you can refer to.

Wheel of Fire (Xiangling)

“God of Spears” Xiangling is one of the best Fire-type support characters you can get in Genshin. The Wheel of Fire is Xiangling’s trademark skill as well as the main reason why she is so respected – she can apply Fire Seals continuously for quite a long time.

Night Bird (Fischl)

Fischl is a strong 4-star Lightning support character in Genshin Impact with the ability to support Lightning suppression during off-field. Besides, she also has the ability to charge other characters quite well. This is one of the reasons why the One-Eyed Princess can be a pretty good piece in Lightning-reaction-based squads.

Secret Technique – Dreaming Truth (Raiden Shogun)

Thunder God with his short burst of damage deserves a crown (ah if you can roll her out). If you’re building a squad around Raiden Shogun and want to deal as much damage as possible, max out her Rage.

Magical Journey (Bennett)

Bennett’s fury skill is quite a trademark skill in the game when it brings a lot of effects to the characters in the squad. From healing, dealing damage to increasing damage to allies. Bennett is definitely an indispensable character in your squad when scouting secret scenes or climbing La Hoan.

Normal Attack – Mystic Spear of Rebirth (Hu Tao)

Kamisato School – Soumetsu (Ayaka)

Basic Attack – Dust Sweeper (Xiao)

Normal Attack – Save Heaven Archery (Ganyu)

Orbit of Destiny (Mona)

Creation Art – Making the Sun (Albedo)

If you want a reliable source of off-field damage, especially a full Nham squad, then Albedo is your choice. His elemental ability will spawn a flower for 30 seconds and deal a reliable amount of damage over time. If you are using Nham squads, giving this guy a crown is not a bad choice. Share

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