To gild the Devil’s wings, Man Utd accepted to pay a ‘colossal fee’ to sign ‘Modern-day Alves’

Manchester United chose to add Kyle Walker-Peters to the list of right-back players they are interested in signing after reading a report that stated he is “pushing” for a move away from Southampton. The report suggested that Walker-Peters wants to leave Southampton.

Walker-Peters went on to make 24 appearances for the first team of Tottenham Hotspur after graduating from the Tottenham Hotspur academy. During his time with the first team, Walker-Peters scored four goals. The summer of 2020 saw the beginning of his permanent transfer to Southampton, which followed a productive loan stint with the club that lasted for three and a half months.

Since becoming a member of Southampton’s roster on a permanent basis, Walker-Peters has been able to establish himself as a player capable of competing at a high level in the Premier League. After spending two full seasons with the club up to this point, he has either met or surpassed the benchmark of 30 games in the Premier League. His total number of Premier League appearances is currently at 31.

In the same year (2022), he was also given his first two senior caps by England after becoming an official member of the England national team. As a result of his growing popularity, there has been growing speculation for some time that he may be prepared to move up to a team that is capable of contending in the Champions League or Europa League. This speculation has been fueled by the fact that his popularity has been on the rise.

According to talkSPORT’s latest report, Manchester United are reportedly keeping a close eye on Walker-Peters at this time. The decision of whether or not to acquire a new right back is now being deliberated by the group that Erik ten Hag manages.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka has not been able to live up to the expectations that were placed on him ever since he made the move from Crystal Palace to Crystal Palace in the year 2019. People are still talking about the possibility of him quitting the organization, in spite of the fact that he has recently experienced a surge in popularity.

Walker-Peters is a potential candidate to take over for Wan-Bissaka if the former makes the decision to step down. The 25-year-old prospect for the right back position is said to be firmly on United’s shortlist of priorities, according to the source.

It has been said that Walker-Peters is “pushing” for a move away from Southampton, which will increase their chances of gaining his services because it will increase the likelihood that he will leave. In point of fact, he is slowing down the process of arriving to any kind of agreement on a new contract that is being negotiated there. In 2025, he will have finished serving the terms that he is currently under.

And because Southampton is currently in last place in the Premier League and is in risk of being downgraded, the club may have a difficult time keeping some of their most promising players, such as Walker-Peters. This is because Southampton is in danger of being demoted.

However, Manchester United are not the only team that has expressed interest in acquiring his services. According to the radio station, Chelsea and Tottenham are both interested in acquiring Walker-Peters as a player for their respective teams and are in the running to do so.

In order to safeguard the promising but injury-prone Reece James, the Blues are aiming to strengthen their roster with additional competition and depth. The Spurs have not been able to rely on Emerson Royal, Matt Doherty, or Djed Spence in the meantime, and it is probable that they will need to make an upgrade. It’s possible that the answer was right in front of them the whole while they were struggling.

As a consequence of this, there is a risk that United will end up competing with other airlines for Walker-Peters’ services. However, if they have a strong desire to acquire targets, even of the defensive variety, they are able to spend significant sums of money to do so, as evidenced by the significant investment that they made in Wan-Bissaka a few years ago. This demonstrates that they are financially capable of doing so.

After that, the burden of proof would shift to Walker-Peters to show that he is capable of functioning at the higher level. After the international player from Portugal had gained Ten Hag’s trust throughout the first half of the season, he would be in competition with Diogo Dalot for a position on the right side of the defense. In the competition for the role, he would face off against him.

Walker-Peters would also ensure that Manchester United’s homegrown quota will not suffer as a result of the likely departure of Wan-Bissaka, who was born and raised in Croydon. Wan-Bissaka is the only homegrown player currently on Manchester United’s roster.

When viewed through the lens of Manchester United, he is without a doubt someone who merits the club receiving a significant amount of focus and consideration. After making 98 appearances for Southampton, during which he contributed seven assists and scored three goals, this is adequate evidence that he has proved what he is capable of accomplishing for a side competing in the Premier League. During this time, he also scored three goals.

And despite the fact that he was still attempting to find his footing at Tottenham, he still managed to tally six assists and one goal during the course of 24 games there, which suggests that he could be well prepared for the promotion to a team that is on the same level as Manchester United.

It would be the most challenging problem he had encountered in his professional life up to that moment. On the other side, there is a chance that he will be able to shrug it off without breaking a sweat.

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