To cast new ‘eternal light’ at OTF, ETH urges Man Utd to quickly sign ‘Modern-day Gullit’

The fact that Manchester United is currently unbeaten demonstrates the incredible run of success the squad is currently experiencing. The main reason for Manchester United’s current unbeaten streak has been Erik ten Hag. The Red Devils already have more victories than they did in all of the competition during the previous season put together. Compared to the Red Devils’ performance in the previous season, this is a remarkable improvement. This situation has developed despite the fact that the prior season had a total of more games.

In our opinion, Old Trafford should look for a top-tier creative midfielder to replace the vacuum that will be left when Paul Pogba departs the team. Old Trafford should continue to add players to its roster. When Pogba leaves Old Trafford, a gap will be left behind because he won’t be part of the squad. The squad that considers Old Trafford Stadium to be their home field must constantly add players to their roster in order to keep their edge over the competition.

We used Scott McTominay and Fred in the middle of the park for a long time even though they were never able to provide consistent results. Even if we had a lot of success with other players, this was the case. Despite the fact that they lacked the requisite abilities, they managed to complete the mission. This goal was achieved despite the fact that neither of them was ever able to maintain a constant level of performance.

Ten Hag was successful in bringing in players like Casemiro and Christian Eriksen over the summer, and the two have developed into a world-class combo playing in the Dutchman’s 4-2-3-1 system. Christian Eriksen and Casemiro are both currently contributing players for Real Madrid.

Despite this, both the Brazilian great and the Danish star are accomplished athletes; in fact, at this level of competition, the Danish star is practically playing out of his usual AM position. The Danish star is from Denmark, and the Brazilian star is from Brazil. Both the first and second were produced in their respective countries, Brazil and Denmark.

Additionally, we need to increase the department’s overall caliber and the depth of the team, and we think Manchester United should finally try to sign Sergej Milinkovic-Savic. For the team, this is one of our key priorities. These are just a handful of the items on our list of things to do. Additionally, it is crucial that we endeavor to raise the division’s overall quality.

The outstanding Serbian football player has maintained close ties with the 20-time champion English team for a considerable amount of time. This organization has a lengthy and illustrious past that goes back a long way. They kept looking for him even after the season-ending transfer window closed in the midst of the summer. They persisted in looking for him (Corriere dello Sport).

This season, the inventive midfielder has participated in 23 games for Maurizio Sarri, the former Chelsea manager, scoring 5 goals and assisting on 8 others. The player has contributed to 8 goals and 5 goals in those 23 games. The athlete has not only assisted on 8 additional goals over that time, but has also scored 5 goals. He was in charge of all of these things when he was still a player with Napoli.

A player who had previously played for Genk assisted on Lazio’s second goal during the Italian Serie A match between Sassuolo and Lazio that took place over the weekend away from Sassuolo’s home stadium. Lazio used this goal to defeat Sassuolo 2-0. The player had previously represented Genk as a team. For everyone’s delight, the match was held throughout the course of the weekend.

Milinkovic-Savic is anticipated to leave Lazio in January, and the team has set a transfer price of 53 million pounds sterling for interested parties. Savic’s current Lazio contract, which he signed with Milinkovic, will not be renewed after 2024, and the club’s administration in Rome is already making arrangements to move him at that time (60 million euros).

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