‘The victory is for Mbappe’: Mbappe mocked by Argentina players after the defeat

Emiliano Martinez, the goalkeeper for Argentina, was enjoying winning the 2022 World Cup with his country when he directed several negative comments on Kylian Mbappe.

While the Argentine players were in the locker room, Goal explains how they began to celebrate. They repeated the catchphrase “One minute of silence for Mbappe” over and over again. Then the goalkeeper Martinez said, “This triumph is for Mbappe, who failed!” Mbappe was the player who had just been unsuccessful. The behavior of the goalie, who is 30 years old, was unexpected given that just moments earlier he had been the player who consoled the PSG striker while they were both on the pitch.

However, before to the game, the goalie for Aston Villa expressed displeasure with Mbappe’s performance. “Mbappe believes that South American football is not as good as the game played in Europe because he did not play in South America. If you don’t have experience, it’s difficult to comment. After he finished speaking, there was no further action taken. Argentina is a team of world-class caliber, and because of this, they respect us “Martinez stated.

Martinez was recognized as the best goalkeeper to compete in the 2022 World Cup during the awards ceremony that took place on Lusail Stadium. The goalkeeper who was born in 1993 had an exuberant celebration after earning the trophy, and as a result, he received a lot of criticism.

In reference to the party that the Argentine players threw for themselves, Sergio Aguero was also present. The former top player for Manchester City was overheard yelling, “Because of Camavinga, that terrible face.”

After winning the World Cup, it seems a bit strange for Aguero to criticize a player who is only 20 years old. After 71 minutes, the midfielder replaced Theo Hernandez in the starting lineup. During his half-hour stint on the field, Camavinga didn’t commit a single foul.

Givemesport explains that Camavinga is a member of Real Madrid, whilst Aguero is closely associated with Atletico Madrid. Before his retirement from the sport due to heart problems, he even played for Barcelona.

The Argentine player “seizes the opportunity” to mock Mbappe

The Argentine players returned to the locker room and proceeded to celebrate after getting the World Cup 2022 trophy and celebrating on Lusail Stadium. They lined up in a row of “dragon snakes,” dancing and chanting.

Argentina’s celebration is captured on camera as the team members yell “one minute of silence for…” then pause to let goalie Martinez to yell, “For Mbappe, who is dead!” The La Albiceleste players then carried on their chants and celebrations till dusk.

Mbappe had a great game in which he scored three goals against Martinez to make history by becoming the first person to tally a hat-trick in a World Cup final since Geoff Hurst of England in 1966.

Then, in the subsequent penalty shootout, Mbappe effectively converted a penalty. Martinez defeated Mbappe’s teammates while being unable to stop him, which helped Argentina win the World Cup. The fact that Mbappe beat Messi to the Golden Boot award is some solace for him.

The French star argued earlier this year that South American football was not as developed as football in Europe, which is why the Argentine player made fun of Mbappe.

The advantage of living in Europe, according to Mbappe, is that we frequently compete against one another in elite competitions like the Nations League.

“We were prepared for the World Cup, whereas Brazil and Argentina didn’t face the same level of South American play. South American football is not as developed as European football. Because of this, in other nations. European teams consistently prevailed at the most recent World Cup.”

Many South American athletes, including Argentina’s Martinez the goalie, were sparked by Mbappe’s speech. Martinez was as open in his criticism of Mbappe before to the championship.

Goalkeeper for Aston Villa stated: “Mbappe is not an expert in football. Never having played in South America is Mbappe. If you don’t have this experience, it’s generally best to keep your opinions to yourself. Nevertheless, it makes little difference because everyone agrees that we make a fantastic team.”


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