Chow Chow’s emotional reaction when seeing Mom on facetime

When her mother FaceTimed with her while she was gone on a business trip for three weeks, this Chow Chow became rather emotional.

Due to a work trip, a woman from Cape Town, South Africa, had to remain away from home for three weeks. She went on the trip with no worries since she knew her beloved Chow Chow dog would be in good hands with her caring daughter. She had not expected, however, that her dog becomes so depressed without her!

Chow Chow's emotional reaction when seeing Mom on facetime 1

The dog lost all her vitality ever since Mom was gone.

Since Mom’s departure, the dog has lost all of her vitality. She wasn’t eating well and hadn’t played in a long time. The worried daughter tried all she could to cheer up the dog, but nothing seemed to work. The small child finally persuaded her mother to video call the dog.

The daughter explained the situation, ”My Chow Chow was talking to my mom on FaceTime, telling her she loves her. She looked really sad, because my mom was away for 3 weeks for work.”

Chow Chow's emotional reaction when seeing Mom on facetime 2

She was eating poorly and had stopped playing altogether.

It seems modern technology is no substitute for the real thing, and instead of cheering up the dog, the call prompts an outpouring of emotion and the dog shares just how much she misses her human.

Finally, the young girl begged her mom to video call the dog.

Chow Chow's emotional reaction when seeing Mom on facetime 3

She got pretty emotional when she FaceTimed with her.

The dog’s response during her emotional Skype talk with Mom is captured in this video. As she watches Mom on the phone, the dog remains still on the couch and is soon stricken with melancholy. As she attempts to tell Mom that she misses her too much, her eyes tear up and she lets out eerie groans.

Mom finally sees the depth and strength of her dog’s bond and promises her that she will be returning soon. The dog, on the other hand, quietly stares at the phone. What a great example of our pets’ emotional connection to us. When Mom returns, we’re confident she and Mom will have a wonderful reunion.

Just hang in there for a few days, sweetie!

Watch the full video here:


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