The UK warns about the impact of Poppy Playtime on children

Despite being a character from a horror game, Poppy Playtime can bypass parents and affect the mental health of young children.

Poppy Playtime is one of the most popular survival horror games at the moment, quickly becoming a phenomenon of the world gaming village with a lot of content revolving around this game posted on the Internet. Youtube and Twitch. Similar to the success that Five Nights at Freddy’s did in 2014, Poppy Playtime will also make players feel afraid of toys that are not very gamer-friendly.

And in recent times, Huggy Wuggy was suddenly mentioned by the online community as the main character of dangerous challenges on the Internet, similar to how Momo did a few years ago. Accordingly, the image of Huggy Wuggy appeared continuously at schools and caused panic among children.

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According to reports from the authorities, children at many schools are starting to comply with the demands of a blue monster, making things worse when those requests have a huge impact. affect the psyche of young children, and can even cause injury to their peers.

Soon many schools contacted parents, informed of this incident and advised that they should not let their children watch videos with the appearance of Huggy Wuggy.

Part of the reason for this is that parents think Huggy Wuggy is a harmless creature, since they have no control over their children in watching videos related to this character. What’s even more remarkable is that Huggy Wuggy’s videos have become extremely popular on YouTube and other social media, so it’s not difficult for kids to reach out to them.

Poppy Playtime is a non-children’s game, though, and in the UK it’s rated PEGI 12, which means it’s not suitable for children under 12.

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