The star Messi immerses himself in life in the US

After only two days in South Florida, Lionel Messi is already totally submerging himself in American culture and adjusting to life in Miami. On just his second day in the area, Messi went grocery shopping at the American supermarket chain Publix.

The winner of the seventeenth Ballon d’Or was seen on Thursday pushing a shopping cart full of various cereals, including General Mills’ Lucky Charms and Kellogg’s’ Fruit Loops, at the checkout of a grocery store. Fans are waiting for Inter Miami to make an official announcement about Neymar’s signing with the club by this coming weekend at the earliest.

Messi, who is expected to make $54 million per year, arrived in Miami on Tuesday with his wife, Antonela, and their three sons, Thiago, 10, Mateo, 7, and Ciro, 5. Thiago is 10 years old, and Mateo is 7 years old. Ciro is 5 years old.

Lionel Messi, 36, was spotted at checkout at US supermarket chain Publix in Miami, Thursday


The seʋen-time Ballon d’Or winner eʋen had time to pose for snaps with seʋeral admirers

Messi and a fan posing for a selfie in front of packs of US hard seltzer brand High Noon


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