The referee made Messi ‘angry’ to say goodbye to the 2022 World Cup

After the 2022 World Cup quarterfinal game between Argentina and the Netherlands, referee Mateu Lahoz was dismissed.

After FIFA suspended Mateu Lahoz’s duties as a referee for the 2022 World Cup, the Daily Mail (UK) made this statement today, December 12. As a result, the match between Argentina and Ha Lan will mark referee Mateu Lahoz’s final game at the 2022 World Cup.

After a 120-minute encounter ended in a 2-2 draw between the two teams, Argentina defeated the Netherlands in a ɗramatic penalty shootout. Both sides received 15 yellow cards from referee Mateu Lahoz. shadow.

Referee Lahoz drew up to 15 yellow cards to both Argentina and the Netherlands

When he returns from Qatar, referee Mateu Lahoz “will not start any remaining matches at the 2022 World Cup,” according to Cope newspaper. Both Argentina and the Netherlands were incensed by Lahoz’s method of game-control, but many Argentine players, notably captain Lionel Messi, lambasted the official.

“I don’t want to talk about the referee because then they would penalize you,” remarked Lionel Messi.

But everybody witnessed what occurred.

‘I think FIFA must take care of this, it is unthinkable to place such a referee for such a major and crucial match,’ the 35-year-old superstar Messi of Argentina stated.

The referee must carry out his responsibility.

Messi criticized the referee and insisted he did not complete the task

Emi Martinez, the goalkeeper for Argentina, also blasted the officials, saying, “The officials handed everything to them” (Netherlands). He extended the time by ten minutes without explanation.

Maybe twice or three times, he handed them free kicks outside the box.

Basically, he just wants them to score.

So hopefully that is no longer the case.

He’s not useful.

It appears like Lionel Messi and the Argentina team have earned FIFA’s approval.

FIFA did not give Argentina a penalty even though Messi and the other Argentine player criticized the referee.

Lionel Messi himself also received a yellow card in the 90+10 minutes in Argentina’s drαmαtic win over the Netherlands in the quarter-finals of the World Cup 2022

And now unlike referee Mateu Lahoz, Argentina’s 2022 World Cup campaign continues. Lionel Messi and his teammates will face Croatia in the semi-finals to compete for a place in the 2022 World Cup final.

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