The reason why Lisandro Martinez quickly won hearts of Man Utd fans

Since his summer transfer from Ajax to Manchester United, “The Butcher” has gained a cult-like following.

When MEN Sport announced the Manchester United Fans’ Footballer of the Year, the name of Lisandro Martinez stood out from the rest.

Since arriving from Ajax in the summer, the player known as “The Butcher” has won over the hearts of many United fans, and in just four months, he has earned the coveted recognition of the fans. After last season’s implosion, it was always going to be Erik ten Hag’s post-arrival performances that would determine the winner.

Lisandro Martinez for Manchester United in action

Nonetheless, a combination of numerous factors has contributed to his rapid rise to fan favorability. Before relocating from Amsterdam to Manchester, Martinez’s character references were exemplary.

His commitment to the cause was never in question from the moment he stepped onto the Old Trafford field. Martinez’s teammates were quick to praise him in his first few months, with Luke Shaw perhaps best articulating his popularity after the draw against Newcastle United.

“[He has been] unbelievable, to be honest. Everyone clearly adores him,” Shaw stated.

His fans adore him. His left foot is astounding.

“I believe it is always advantageous to play with a left-footed winger because he naturally prefers to come out to that side, and I believe he has adapted to the team very well. Certainly he can continue to improve, but so far this season he has been incredible.

“He must keep up the good work. We require his aggression and zeal in the backline.

“He does so in every game. I am thrilled to have him on our team.”

Those on the outside made jokes about Martinez’s height, but after a shaky start against Brighton and Hove Albion and Brentford, the Argentine proved that his height did not diminish his aerial threɑt. His statistics for winning aerial duels are outstanding, and this quickly silenced his detractors.

In recent years, the Reds have lacked players who appear to want to play for the shirt. Martinez has remedied this and instilled passion in his fellow defenders; watching them celebrate tackles and blocks as if they were winners has become a joy to observe and immediately wins over the fans.

The 24-year-old is currently on “Cloud Nine” after his country’s World Cup victory. Although he did not play against France or Croatia, United fans made their admiration for him abundantly clear prior to the semi-final.

After Martinez’s outstanding performance in the quarterfinals against the Netherlands, Lionel Scaloni made the bizarre decision to drop him. Many Reds supporters wished the South Americans would be eliminated while the central defender was not on the field due to their outrage.

Martinez demonstrated class by consoling Raphael Varane after the game, despite being a member of a national team whose on-field conduct has been questioned. This connection he has formed with the Frenchman is mirrored in his relationship with his supporters.

You may wonder why, so early in his career, Martinez has been able to elicit such strong emotions from fans. The answer appears to be straightforward.

United has lacked players willing to r𝔦sk their bodies for the cause for a very long time. Martinez’s determination could never be questioned, and Reds fans have longed for nothing else for so long.

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