Rеvеаlinɡ the reason Mbappe rejected Real Madrid’s offer of €1B

It would appear that the reason why Mbappe, known as the “treasure” of PSG, has temporarily declined to sign with Real Madrid is so that he can wait for other offers that are more appealing.

Mbappe instantly became the most sought-after player in Europe and, of course, Real Madrid after his outstanding performance at the 2022 World Cup. However, despite his outstanding position, the young French striker is rumored to have turned down the champions of La Liga’s offer of 1b euros in compensation.

Mbappe’s decision to decline an offer to play for Real Madrid, which is often regarded as the best team in this competition, came as something of a sҺock given his stated goal of winning the Champions League. However, it would appear that the superstar, who is only 24 years old, is holding out for more lucrative offers than that.

According to the Spanish tabloid Sport, Liverpool is planning to make a move to “auction” Mbappe’s signature in the context of competing against numerous “giants” in Europe. Specifically, this will be done in an effort to secure Mbappe’s services. Earlier on in the summer transfer window, the Anfield team was one of the teams that had been keeping an eye on the “golden kid” of France who was playing for France.

Having said that, putting together this transaction is not going to be an easy task at all. Because the Royal Spanish team has a much better reputation and has accomplished much more in the European competition than Liverpool has, it is nearly difficult to compare the two teams.

That’s not even taking into account The Kop’s transfer strategy up to this point, which has been to avoid wasting money whenever possible. Only Darwin Nunez’s contract is responsible for their highest-ever transfer fee, which was 100m euros. Because of this, if they want Mbappe, they have to convince their leaders to “bite their teeth and nibble the grass” in order to come up with the money to pay for him.

The “golden boy” will undoubtedly have a fantastic chance to advance professionally if he is given the chance to play in the English Premier League, which is often regarded as the most prestigious competition held anywhere in the world. In addition to this, the so-called “title DNA” of Liverpool is not terrible, and Mbappe should absolutely take into consideration the possibility of playing for them.

Mourinho turned down offers to become Portugal coach because of Ronaldo

According to A Bola, after giving it some thought, coach Jose Mourinho has decided that he will not accept an invitation to lead the Portuguese national team from the Football Federation of this country and will instead continue working at Roma until the end of his contract in 2024. This decision was reportedly made after a period of consideration (FPF).

Mourinho is the most qualified individual to take over as manager of the Portuguese national team following Fernando Santos’ dismissal due to the side’s dismal performance in the World Cup finals in 2022.

And because of his prowess on the battlefield, Mourinho found himself in the crosshairs of the FPF. The general population of Portugal demonstrated a significant amount of enthusiasm for “The Special One.” A survey that was conducted by the newspaper A Bola found that 55.5% of respondents said “Yes,” 24.6% said “No,” and 19.9% selected another option in response to the question “Is coach Mourinho the best choice?” Ideal pick for the national team?”

According to reports, Mourinho turned down the opportunity to coach the Portuguese national team because he is unwilling to step down as the head coach of Roma. This military leader will be required to pay a significant sum of money in the event that the contract is terminated before its stated expiration date. As a result, he came to the conclusion that it was in his best interest to continue serving as the captain of the Serie A squad until his current contract expires in 2024.

Since the Portuguese side was unable to get an invitation for Mourinho, they are now looking to hire Luis Enrique as their head coach. Abel Ferreira, who is currently the head coach of the Brazilian club Palmeiras, Sergio Conceicao, who is currently the head coach of Porto, Paul Fonseca, who is currently the head coach of Lille, Ruben Amorim, who is currently the head coach of Sporting Lisbon, and Andre Villas-Boas, who was formerly the head coach of Porto and Chelsea are some of the other names that have been rumored to have been in FPF’s sights.

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