The legends and тгᴜтһѕ about the ᴍʏѕтᴇгɪᴏᴜѕ 13,000 year-old Black Knight Alien Satellite

Almost every story on the Black Knight Satellite claims that it is 13,000 years old without mentioning where this claim came from.

Almost every story on the Black Knight Satellite claims that it is 13,000 years old without mentioning where this claim came from.

The narrative begins in 1954, three years before the Soviet Sputnik 1 became the world’s first artificial satellite. Several newspapers ran pieces on May 14, 1954, based on a remark made by retired Major D. E. Keyhoe. Keyhoe thought the Earth was ringed by one, if not two, artificial satellites at the time.

Scientists at the fabled White Sands federal facility in New Mexico were investigating this possibility and attempting to figure out what these items were for. Later that summer, Aviation Week magazine attempted to explain the riddle by claiming that the orbits of the two satellites had been planned out at 400 and 600 miles above Earth, respectively.

The legends and тгᴜтһѕ about the ᴍʏѕтᴇгɪᴏᴜѕ 13,000 year-old Black Knight Alien Satellite 1

“A Pentagon panic about the discovery of two previously undiscovered satellites circling the Earth has faded when the objects were identified as natural satellites rather than manmade satellites. The identification project was led by Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, a specialist in extraterrestrial bodies from the University of New Mexico.

“One satellite orbits the Earth at a distance of roughly 400 miles, while the other orbits at a distance of 600 miles. For a brief time, the Pentagon believed the Russians had beaten the Americans to space exploration.”

Remember, this was all taking on during the space race, when spirits were high and tensions were high. As each nation raced for the sky, the paranoia was exacerbated by the competition between the US and the Soviet Union.

Many scientists thought that a huge satellite was circling the Earth, and by 1960, even the United States Department of Defense admitted to the extraterrestrial presence.

“WASHINGTON, D.C., February 10 — The Defense Department said today that tracking stations in the United States have found an unnamed, quiet satellite circling the Earth in a near-polar orbit. Despite nearly two weeks of surveillance, the identification of the mystery spacecraft, called “the dark satellite,” is unknown.

It didn’t take long for the connection between the mysterious object and Nikola Tesla to be made. He discovered a repeated radio signal in 1899 and assumed it came from outer space. The dark satellite’s unusual behavior added to the mystery surrounding it.

Almost all manmade satellites were launched in West-to-East orbits (following our planet’s natural rotation), but this one circled Earth on a polar orbit, from North to South. Modern observational satellites that carry out mapping missions, interestingly enough, use polar orbits. Was the Black Knight Satellite, then, a spy satellite? If that’s the case, who put it there?

The legends and тгᴜтһѕ about the ᴍʏѕтᴇгɪᴏᴜѕ 13,000 year-old Black Knight Alien Satellite 2

The “Black Knight,” a strange object thought by some conspiracy theorists to be an alien satellite, was photographed by NASA in 1998.

According to several astronomers who claimed to have seen it, the object would vanish just to return in a new location and on a different orbit. It was also travelling twice as quickly as any other known satellite, according to the researchers.

The historic flight of astronaut Gordon Cooper is frequently discussed in relation to the Black Knight. Cooper radioed Muchea Tracking Station in Australia on the final of his 22 days in orbit in 1963, reporting that he could see a bright green object approaching his spacecraft.

Despite the fact that his sighting had been broadcast live on the National Broadcasting Company, reporters were not allowed to interrogate him when he returned to Earth. Despite the fact that Major Cooper was a firm believer in aliens and their presence on Earth, there is no relation between his encounter with the Black Knight and his sighting.

The claimed deciphering of the radio message that the satellite is said to send is an intriguing but unconfirmed feature. According to legend, ham radio amateurs who intercepted the extraterrestrial message deciphered it as a star chart pointing to Epsilon Bootis, a star in the Bootes constellation 52 light years away from Earth. The god Enlil, the greatest divinity among the Anunnaki on Earth, was represented as the Bootes constellation in Babylonian mythology.

Almost every story on the Black Knight Satellite claims that it is 13,000 years old without mentioning where this claim came from. Duncan Lunan, a Scottish astronomer and science fiction writer, claimed in 1973 that he had decoded the message intercepted by two Norwegian physicists in the 1920s.

The communication was believed to have originated from a probe circling the Earth in the same Lagrangian point as the Moon, which had been sent by the people of a planet orbiting Epsilon Bootis a long time ago. The message was as follows:

“Begin here. Epsilon Bootes, which is a double star, is our home. We reside on the sixth of seven planets that orbit the sun, the bigger of the two. There is only one moon on our sixth planet. There are three of us on our fourth planet. Each of our first and third planets has one. Our probe is in the constellation Arcturus, which is marked on our maps.”

The star Arcturus was depicted on the decoded star chart at the position it had 13,000 years ago, indicating the Black Knight’s alleged age.

Time magazine took up on Lunan’s hypothesis, and it was included in numerous films. He abandoned it in 1976 after admitting it was faulty, only to rewrite and reinterpret part of it in 1998.

A number of well-known photographs purport to depict the extraterrestrial satellite. Official explanations for the object they display say it’s just a thermal blanket that fell off one of the numerous satellites we’ve sent into space. While this might be the case, it only explains the pictures, not the Black Knight, because the mysterious item had been reported before the images were taken.

The legends and тгᴜтһѕ about the ᴍʏѕтᴇгɪᴏᴜѕ 13,000 year-old Black Knight Alien Satellite 3

Another factor is that the object seen in these renowned pictures is far smaller than the one described in earlier reports, which was believed to be the size of a city block. In a side note, the vimanas depicted in ancient Hindu scriptures were around the same size. Maybe there’s some sort of link between the two.

And, since no one can refute the scale and breadth of the UFO phenomenon, it stands to reason that we may add one more to the list of sightings of flying saucers in our skies and oceans: a massive extraterrestrial satellite circling above our globe.

There is an air of disinformation surrounding the Black Knight Satellite, as there is with most things linked to the unexplained. Keep in mind that this is the internet, a place where things are easily exaggerated.

Before you go, one final thing. A black knight was a medieval knight who had no allegiance or chose to conceal it by concealing his colors and symbols, essentially declaring that he served no ruler. Isn’t that a great name for an intriguing extraterrestrial watcher?


Cryptid Profile – Black Knight Satellite. Credit: TREY the Explainer youtube’s account.



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