The former Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool were sacked by Wigan after just 58 days

Ex-Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool were sacked by Wigan after just 58 days

Due to Wigan constantly getting bad results, the board of directors of this team decided to fire coach Kolo Toure. Thus, the Ivorian military leader only worked in Wigan for only 58 days.

Coach Toure was newly appointed captain of Wigan at the end of December last year. He was invited to replace his predecessor ¬†Leam Richardson with the task of salvaging the Wigan “shipwreck”. Initially, the Wigan BLD showed that they trusted Coach Toure when signing a three-and-a-half year contract with him. However, reality proves that Wigan’s trust in Coach Toure has been misplaced.

The proof is that during his time in charge at Wigan, coach Toure participated in directing 9 matches without winning a single victory. In the 9 matches mentioned above, Wigan drew 3 matches and had to receive 6 defeats.

From where he was ranked 22nd when he just changed champions, now Wigan has fallen straight to the bottom of the Championship rankings. After 28 rounds, this team only collected 25 points. What happened to Coach Toure is sad but not too surprising for many people.

In fact, the former central defender who played for 3 famous clubs, Arsenal, Man City and Man City is still too inexperienced in managing the army. Before taking over at Wigan, he had not led a team but only worked as an assistant to manager Brendan Rodgers at Celtic and Leicester City.

Speaking on Wigan’s official website, managing director Malachy Brannigan said of coach Toure as follows: “Unfortunately, the results Wigan has obtained recently have not been as we expected. Fire coach Toure. It’s a difficult decision, but the board of directors thinks this is the best solution for Wigan to hold on to hope of staying in the Championship when the season ends.”

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