The energetic dog, dubbed Iron Man, confidently runs down the road ‘like a human’

This TikTok user created associate degree account for his dog to share his dog's fun moments. However, these videos quickly concentrated over 696.4K followers because of his dog's "unusual" running vogue.

If you are a dog or cat owner, one in all the scariest things is once the one you love hirsute friend runs out into the road. this can be what happened to a cute spaniel a couple of years agone.

This dog named Dexter, a “tri-pawed” spaniel lives in Ouray, Colo., along with his amorous owner Kentee Pasek.

Once in 2016, Dexter lost his front leg in a very smash with a van. He lost one in all his legs when he was seriously affected and had to bear many life-saving procedures, together with the amputation of his front right leg.


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“The six-year-old Dexter was solely a puppy once he had his accident, and required 5 surgeries in exactly a year.” – Kentee said.

The Kentee family already had lost 2 dogs inside 2 years and feared that Dexter would be the third.” Kentee said, “We didn’t assume he’d overcome it.” But fortune was come, he passed the bad status.

Although the accident makes him lost a leg, he turned tragedy into joy. Not one to be easy to broken down, Dexter quickly learned to unassist solely his hind legs. Finally, this unbelievable dog has stood au courant his hind legs and learned to run like a human.


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Kentee started taking Dexter for walks around Ouray, Dexter walked upright, like 2 folks having a stroll. With his distinctive walking, Dexter became an area ‘celebrity’. Kentee said, “Everyone in city all pay attention on him.”

Want to store this unforgetable, the owner has post all his video within the Social Network. Happily, Dexter’s videos are trending on TikTok and have concentrated over 696.4K followers because of his human-like running.

A 2 legged running dog has become an unlikely sensation on TikTok when learning the way to run sort of a human – one thing he had to try and do when losing a limb in a serious ccident.

Before that point, Dexter was in a very slump because required 5 surgeries in his 1st year. However, he quickly tried to follow the gruelling rehabilitation trainings to know how to walk.

Owner Kentee Pasek always stood by Dextral as he learned to steer on his hind legs, as TeamDogs reports.


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“Once he did and had the surgery, it absolutely was terribly slow recovery. 5 surgeries in a very year. 2 sets of pins within the arm. It has been an extended road and each day I all pray for him. And finally is the best news come, the actual fact he was living. Dexter was perpetually happy, optimistic and simply amorous. It’s positively been a long journey.”

When Dexter walks with Kentee, he attracts attention from those who have not met him before.

What an optimistic and energetic dog, isn’t it? However, there is a note for you, which is to pay attention to your pet very well, especially when walking. To avoid possible heartbreaking events! I wish you a good day.

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