The big man of the Korean game village NEXON recruits young Vietnamese to accompany him in the new story chapter

The big man of the Korean game village NEXON recruits young Vietnamese to accompany him in the new story chapter

This summer, NEXON – Korea’s No. 1 Game Company is currently opening the biggest Game Tester (QA Tester) recruitment of the year for students and game enthusiasts who want to jointly optimize and develop new games. Top game title produced by NEXON itself.

NEXON1 game company in Korea, famous for the game “Maple Story” in Vietnam has established Co., Ltd. NEXON NETWORKS VINA LIMITED in 2019 with the mission of product quality assurance (QA). Currently, the company has opened an office at UOA TOWER, 6 Tan Trao, Tan Phu, District 7.​

Legendary game of NEXON: Maple Story once resounded in Vietnam.​

With the goal of accelerating development in 2022 and 2023, NEXON NETWORKS VINA is currently looking for more than 100 young people with a passion for games to join its talented team and build a new page for the industry. Vietnamese gaming industry. This is a good opportunity for young Vietnamese to experience the international and professional working environment of Korea’s No. 1 Game company as well as gain experience or lay the foundation for career development in the Information Technology industry. in general and games in particular.

At the same time, when joining the NEXON Networks VINA family, young people will receive a remuneration beyond expectations. The 13th salary month will be the default for full-time employees and young people will only have to work 5 days a week at the office. Moreover, with the goal of fostering talents for young people, NEXON Networks VINA is committed to arranging and providing training sessions and teambuilding activities to create conditions for young people to have an ideal working environment. as well as develop to their fullest potential.​

NEXON’s headquarters in Panyo Technology Valley, Korea​

The attraction here is that as long as you are interested in the Game, NEXON Networks VINA is ready to welcome talents to join the company and work as a Game Tester (QA Tester). “As long as you have a strong passion for games, you can apply for this QA Tester position” – quoted an employee at NEXON Networks VINA.

Specifically, the QA Tester at NEXON Networks VINA will be responsible for finding and reporting bugs and glitches during gameplay. Therefore, in order to really become a potential candidate, young people apply for the ability to observe clearly, pay attention to small details and again, love playing games.​

About NEXON Networks VINA

Nexon is a pioneer in online gaming in Korea. Founded in 1994, thanks to its creativity and innovation in its development, up to now, NEXON has released many famous games such as ‘The Kingdom of the Winds’, ‘KARTRIDER’ or ‘Tactical Commanders’ – the world’s first 3D strategy game.

For the Vietnamese market, ‘Maple Story’ – or ‘Dwarf Mushroom Story’ is probably the most popular game with young people for a while. With lovely, friendly images and the interface is updated regularly every year, this game has brought new joy to young Vietnamese people.

Address: UOA TOWER, 6 Tan Trao, Tan Phu, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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