The best XI in the history of Man Utd in the Premier League

MU fans have just voted for the best team in the Premier League on the club’s homepage and here are the 11 names that have been chosen the most.

David De Gea | 59%

Peter Schmeichel has helped Manchester United win five league titles and Edwin van der Sar holds the record for the longest clean sheet in Premier League history. However, De Gea won this vote with an overwhelming number of 59%.

He won the Premier League for the first time in 2013 and just won the “Golden Glove” title for the first time in his career.

Gary Neville | 75%

The English defender is completely dominant in this position compared to Antonio Valencia, Rafael, Wes Brown and Paul Parker. Neville once affirmed that he is not a type of player with natural talent but possesses fierceness and stability.

He linked well with once MU right-wingers like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition, Neville’s natural leadership has helped the Red Devils become one of the most charismatic teams in the league.

Rio Ferdinand | 58%

Another England player became a legend at the Theater of Dreams. He won 6 Premier League titles in 12 seasons here. Ferdinand is the type of central defender who reads situations brilliantly and plays confidently in defence.

According to Ferdinand’s youth team coach, he is a player who always gets angry if his clothes are not stained with dirt.

Nemanja Vidic | 55%

With Ferdinand, there must be Vidic! The former captain of the Red Devils joined the Old Trafford team in January 2016 and became an indispensable name in the defense of Sir Alex Ferguson.

He has become a hero in the hearts of fans with a fierce and fierce playing style and is not afraid to shed Ƅlood for the club. Vidic was twice voted “Player of the Season” and won four domestic championships with MU in just his first 5 years playing here.

Patrice Erva | 63%

Erva has won the hearts of fans not only because of his talent but also his professionalism and admirable qualities. The French defender provided the left wing with the abundance of energy, speed and precision needed.

He and the Red Devils won the Premier League title for 5 years and became a reliable support for his teammates.

Paul Scholes | 70%

Scholes has become the “British player with the most titles in history” after spending his entire career with him in the Red Devils shirt. The talented midfielder has become a role model on the pitch.

In addition, he is also the idol of many legends like Zinedine Zidane or Xavi.

Roy Keane | 78%

“He was our coach when he was on the pitch,” in the words of Paul Scholes.

Keane may not be the type of technical midfielder, but his influence on teammates and even opponents has become legendary. The Irishman is considered one of the greatest leaders in the club’s history and has helped shape the character of this team.

Cristiano Ronaldo | 75%

Just 5 seasons in England was enough for the Portuguese superstar to write himself in the history of the team. Ronaldo scored 66 goals and helped MU win three consecutive Premier League titles.

With an excellent performance in the 2007/08 season, the once Red Devils No. 7 won the title of “Top scorer” and “Golden Ball” afterwards.

Ryan Giggs | 95%

Giggsy is the only player with the same number of Premier League titles as Sir Alex Ferguson. He became one of the players who played the most matches in the Premier League with a strong physical foundation and a determination that few people can match.

He won 13 domestic championships in 22 seasons at Old Trafford and became an irreplaceable monument here.

Wayne Rooney | 31%

In the Best XI, there should be “the greatest striker in the history of the club” and that is Rooney. The English striker has 183 goals in the Premier League after 13 years playing for MU and winning five championships.

Rooney is one of the most talented players in English football history and always knows how to sacrifice himself for the club. Imagine how many goals Rooney would have been if he hadn’t had to play against his strengths in his final years at Old Trafford.

Eric Cantona | 41%

King Eric is the one who laid the foundation for MU’s dominance in the Premier League era. With Cantona’s presence, MU won the domestic title for the first time in 25 years. He is the one who revived the spirit of the Old Trafford team.

Not only possessing outstanding talent, Cantona’s leadership qualities have contributed to nurturing young talents such as Scholes, Giggs, Neville, Bekcham… the main factors that helped MU win a series of Premier League championships. afterward.


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