The 3 most disappointing Genshin Impact events since its launch

Genshin Impact, although still has a fairly reasonable compensation for errors, but there are some events that make all players extremely disappointed.

It is undeniable that Genshin Impact is one of the best Gacha games at the moment. But sometimes, it still causes unhappiness for players. Here are the top 3 Genshin Impact events that have disappointed players the most since their launch.

1. Zhongli .’s debut

Top 3 disappointing genshin events 1

Zhongli’s first launch can be said to be the first time that Mihoyo let the community down. According to the game’s plot, Zhongli is known as the greatest warrior of the 7 Gods. He is also the oldest of the gods, having passed over 6000 years old and defeated countless evil gods.

Before being released, players had expected that this god would be Genshin’s strongest character at that time. But his power when he was released disappointed countless players. Specifically the following issues:

– Elemental skills have not very high damage.
– Shield is not strong enough.
– Rage skill’s explosion damage is much weaker than it is now.
– There are not many ideal weapons to use and maximize power at that time.

After that, the player criticized Michos a lot and caused the development team to buff Zhongli shortly after.

2. 1st birthday celebration

Top 3 disappointing genshin events 2

Genshin Impact’s first “holy war” is probably still in the minds of many people. It coincided with the Moonlight Merriment event in Liyue, right before Inazuma was released in the 2.0 update.

On the occasion of the 1 year anniversary, the publisher introduced the event of logging in 7 days in a row to receive 10 Vuong Vuong Mandates. Besides, players also get quite a bit of Origin Stone from this celebration, but it still makes them disappointed.

The community thinks that Mihoyo should have rewarded eligible players with a souvenir instead of giving them away. After many bad reactions, the publisher compensated the player with 400 Primal Stones and special Wind Chi Wings to compensate.

3. Yae Miko and her power

Top 3 disappointing genshin events 3

The third event where Genshin disappointed players revolved around the launch of Yae Miko. This girl is expected to help Lightning-type characters become stronger and more useful.

She appears very early in the Inazuma quest chain, assisting and saving the traveler from Scaramouche. She also gained enormous strength from fox blood. With those things, players hope she will have a relatively large strength but then they are disappointed.

You have to invest quite a bit of Nguyen Stone to unlock more destiny for Yae Miko to get the greatest power. The modification to her elemental skills caused an even worse reaction from the community, so Yae Miko’s everything was restored to its original state.

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