Thanks to timely seizing the ‘golden opportunity’, Man Utd easily signed the ‘modern-day Nedvěd’

Every day, fresh speculations are spread across the internet, stating that Joao Felix is getting closer and closer to finalizing his transfer to Manchester United in the coming week. According to these hypotheses, the completion of the move could take place as soon as this coming weekend.

According to the most recent issue of Marca magazine, the playmaker for the Brazilian national team reportedly requested that Jorge Mendes, his agent, research potential exit routes from Atletico Madrid during the month of January during the transfer season. The most recent issue of Marca magazine has the aforementioned facts. This information was supplied in the article that was written and distributed in the magazine (news image given below).

According to a news organization with its headquarters in Madrid, Mendes has not been able to present the Rojiblancos with any bids for a permanent sale that would satisfy their requirements. This is because Mendes has not been able to provide any offers up until this point. The Rojiblancos are exerting a great deal of effort in the direction of acquiring this specific item.

In terms of the possibility of a loan, Wanda Metropolitano would be open to a transfer of Felix to either Manchester United or Arsenal, the two teams that are regarded as having the best chance of winning the competition. Arsenal and Manchester United are the two teams that are considered to have the best chance of winning the competition. Arsenal and Manchester United are the two clubs that are generally seen as having the greatest potential to emerge victorious from the competition. If Manchester United or Arsenal make an offer, Felix’s current club, Wanda Metropolitano, would be willing to negotiate a transfer to either of those two clubs.

It has been said that both Manchester United and the Gunners are willing to pay salaries in the range of £4.4 million to £5.3 million (5 million to 6 million euros) for the remaining games of the current season. In addition to the loan fee that Manchester United will be responsible for paying, the fee for this transfer will also be covered by Manchester United.

The day before, a piece of news that had been published by The Telegraph was discussed, and we provided our view on it. The information that was presented in that story indicates that the Old Trafford club does not intend to pay the loan price of £13.3 million and is instead only prepared to pay approximately £6.6 million as compensation for the player’s services. This information was gleaned from the presentation of the information.

At Atletico Madrid, Felix wears the number seven shirt, whilst at Manchester United, the number seven shirt is currently empty as a result of Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure as the club’s all-time leading scorer. Felix currently plays for Atletico Madrid. At this point in time, Felix is the player with the most goals scored by an Atletico Madrid player. The Atletico Madrid player that currently wears the number seven jersey is Felix.

An emblem that represents the FC Bayern Munich. Check back later, as the official content for FC Bayern Munich is currently being loaded. Thank you for your patience. I appreciate your ability to wait. Erik ten Hag will need to search for a replacement for the former Real Madrid star who was introduced in Saudi Arabia yesterday. As a result, he will be responsible for finding someone to take over the post that was vacated by the former Real Madrid player.

It is generally agreed upon that Joao Felix is one of the youngest strikers that are now involved in the game and possesses one of the highest potential levels. He possesses the kind of versatility that makes it possible for him to play any position that is required inside the offensive midfield. Should Manchester United make the attempt to sign him in order to locate a starter who can take Cristiano Ronaldo’s place in the starting lineup?

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