‘Superman’ Cat Survives After Jumping From 5th-Floor of Burning Building

This 'superman' cat escaped from a burning 5th-floor apartment. Is the saying "cats have 9 lives" true?

On the afternoon of May 13, a building in the Englewood area of ​​this city caught fire, an official with the Chicago Fire Department said. Firefighters immediately rushed to the scene of the fire after receiving the news and the fire was quickly extinguished.

'Superman' Cat Survives After Jumping From 5th-Floor of Burning Building 1

While firefighters were still trying to put out the fire, Fire Department employees took pictures of the outside of the building. At this time, a black cat appeared next to the broken window that was covered by thick smoke. It probed the outside of the building with its front paws and then jumped to the ground.

'Superman' Cat Survives After Jumping From 5th-Floor of Burning Building 2

The Chicago Fire Department shared video footage of smoke billowing from the window of an apartment in the city. Department officials filmed the interior of the apartment while firefighters put out the fire. Fragments fell one after another from the window and a black cat appeared among the smoke.

The cat running away from the fire used its forepaw to quickly check the edge of the building, then jumped down to safety. Passers-by onlookers were excited to witness the scene. The cat landed on all fours on the grass in front of the building. It turned on and ran away.

'Superman' Cat Survives After Jumping From 5th-Floor of Burning Building 3

The action of this cat caused the people present to scream. However, this cat was not injured and calmly left there unharmed. No wonder people often say that cats have 9 lives.

The Chicago Fire Department shared on Twitter the image of this black cat jumping from upstairs and describing it with the phrase “9 lives”.

Video: The cat jumped from the 5th floor to the ground safely.


Agency spokesman Larry Langford said the black cat got under his car and hid there for several minutes. After getting a little better, it climbed over the low wall to return to find its owner.

“The female cat got under my car and hid there until she felt safer after two minutes. She got out and managed to climb over the wall to get back to the apartment,” said Larry Langford, a spokesman. of the fire department, said.

Mr. Larry said that this black cat was not injured, and there were no injuries in this fire. The agency has not yet announced the cause of the fire as well as property damage.

There are many netizens who are strongly impressed with the fact that the black cat is still safe even though he jumped down from the 5th floor of the building. Some call it the “ninja cat”; Others expect it to be reunited with its owner. It is also said that cats can easily jump down from above without getting hurt.

This is not the first time cats have made headlines by jumping from upstairs.

In 2019, in the city of Southampton in the south of England, a cat jumped to the ground from the 18th floor, it did not have any scratches or broken bones. But its face was a bit swollen and started vomiting blood, so its owner took it to the vet. After that, this cat had to stay one night at the veterinary clinic and was discharged the next day.

A cat’s ability to land with its paws comes from a directional reflex, according to Science Focus. The flexible backbone and the absence of a collarbone mean the cat can twist the two halves of the body in opposite directions, creating angular momentum. This is one of the most important movements for a cat’s performance, but cats must use several different movements to rotate quickly and effectively.


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