Stephen Curry says that today’s success is due to a special mother’s advice

In a recent post, Stephen Curry explained that the secret to his current level of success is the unique guidance that his mother gave him when he was only 13 years old. Curry is a professional basketball player.

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If we declare that Stephen Curry is the second 3-point AD carry in NBA history or even in the history of the league itself, no one will dare to claim that they were the first because of Stephen Curry.Stephen Curry has single-handedly rearranged the pecking order in the NBA thanks to his extraordinarily long and accurate free shots.He is the one who is responsible for the 3-point shot becoming so popular in the NBA.The people throw three, and the house tosses three.

Stephen Curry has not only won three championships in just four years with the Golden State Warriors, but he has also had a significant impact on the play style of modern basketball, specifically the evolution of strikers in this time period.Stephen Curry is not behind any other name in the NBA in terms of popularity everywhere in the world. This is a statement that cannot be disputed.


Stephen Curry had to face a lot of obstacles in his youth in order to become the top superstar that he is now. When he was younger, he was a player who often got sick.When he was just 13 years old, the counsel that his mother gave him proved to be one of the greatest reasons that assisted him in overcoming hurdles.

When Stephen Curry was only 13 years old and playing on a team in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), they suffered a devastating loss in the year 2001.Stephen Curry felt terrible after the game because he thought he was the worst player there was and because he let his teammates down. He was tremendously unhappy.That night, after the game, Stephen Curry’s mother gave him some life guidance that he now refers to frequently as a point of reference in his daily activities.


“No one is allowed to write your life but yourself. Not the scouts. Not the tournaments. Not even the kids who might be playing pretty well out there. There’s no one good. anything can become the author of your life story. Think carefully about this.

Take a chance and go out there and write down what you want for your life. Always remember, no matter what, it’s your life,” Stephen Curry recalls his mother’s important advice.

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To this day, this advice is still present in his mind. Whenever being looked down on, disrespected by the other side, this advice is Stephen Curry’s way of stepping on everything to get to the top.

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