Stephen Curry and Ayesha Share Emotional IG Posts for Son Canon

The Golden State Warriors started their offseason for 2023 a little bit earlier than usual. Since Steve Kerr took over as head coach, this is the first time that Stephen Curry and company have been eliminated from the Western Conference Playoffs. Their exit came as a result of a loss to the Lakers in the second round.

Steph has been maintaining a busy schedule ever since the season came to a close. He has been devoting a significant amount of his time to his family, which consists of his wife Ayesha and their three children, Riley, Ryan, and Canon. The fact that Canon recently turned 5 brought up a lot of strong feelings in his parents, Steph and Ayesha. They celebrated his birthday with posts on Instagram from each of them.

In the most recent few weeks, we have frequently spotted Stephen Curry out on the golf course. Sometimes he was with his teammates, and other times he was with his family. Steph will be around the house a lot more now that filming for ‘The Match’ has concluded and the month of July has begun.

Canon’s fifth birthday was celebrated on social media by Stephen Curry and Ayesha. The third and final child, Canon is the youngest of the bunch. Riley, who is ten years old, and Ryan, who is seven, are his older siblings. A occasion that brought mixed emotions for Ayesha Curry was the birthday of her youngest child, who turned 5 years old. She was the first person to make a post on the forum. Her caption makes it very evident that she is feeling sentimental about this happy occasion.

“Today, our little son becomes FIVE years old! Our fearless, shrewd, and loving canon Jack who never backs down from a challenge. The question is: “Where does the time go?!”

Stephen Curry responded to the message with one of his own not too much longer after it was published. Even though he did not publish a lot of images or write a long caption, it was abundantly evident that he loves her and that this was the message he wanted to convey.

“Don’t dim your light Young Wolf!! #5”

What a wonderful act of kindness displayed by both of the parents. I have no doubt that everything in the Curry household will run well throughout the month of July.

What makes this month so significant for the Curry family? One of the most meaningful and significant months for the Curry family is July. In point of fact, Ayesha chose to name her company Sweet July after the month because it holds such significance in their lives. Stop worrying about what makes July so unique since the answer is right in front of you.

All About Steph Curry and Ayesha Curry's 3 Kids

Canon (born on the 2nd), Ryan (born on the 12th), and Riley (born on the 19th) are the three children that Steph and Ayesha have that were born in the month of July. In addition to this, the couple will be celebrating their wedding anniversary on July 30. All of these events have always made certain that Steph receives a lot of love immediately following the conclusion of the NBA season, regardless of the outcome of the season.

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