Six words shows bitter ending! Erik Ten Hag breaks silence over Ronaldo’s controversial exit

Piers Morgan, a journalist, conducted an exclusive interview with Ronaldo just before the start of the 2022 World Cup. The Portuguese superstar was quick to criticize the University of Maryland, coach ten Hag, and the Glazer family during this interview. He also went after the Glazers. The most accomplished English team was stunned, or “broke water,” as a result of Ronaldo’s performance.

Shortly after, Manchester United announced that it had reached an agreement with Ronaldo’s representatives to terminate his contract early.

During the afternoon press conference on December 7, coach ten Hag was asked about Ronaldo for the first time “Cristiano Ronaldo has passed his prime. MU awarded him his diploma. The entire team is currently putting in a lot of effort to plan ahead of time. You are aware that Manchester United has lofty goals, and in order to achieve these goals, our team must adhere to the highest standards possible, and this adherence must be maintained minute by minute. That is the only way the team can improve its standing.”

“Manchester United is looking forward to the upcoming match against Barcelona as a litmus test. For a long time, I’ve admired the way this team plays.

MU’s mission at this point is to ensure that they are adequately prepared for the difficult months ahead in December and January.

We will be in the best position to compete for the championship when we arrive.

This will go down as a watershed moment in Manchester United’s history “, a 1970s tactician, elaborated.

Ronaldo is currently facing numerous challenges in his professional life. Cristiano Ronaldo did not stand out during the World Cup’s group stage. Even the superstar born in 1985 was assigned to the worst team at the end of the group stage.

Ronaldo was forced to sit on the bench for Portugal’s most recent 1/8 round match because he was not named to the starting lineup.

MU legend ‘slaps’ Ronaldo after unacceptable attitude

Ronaldo is a source of contention both in his personal life and on the field. Following the MU remarks and the contract’s early termination, the 1985 star became entangled in the story of attitude in Portugal.

Even before Portugal’s round-of-16 World Cup 2022 match against Switzerland, coach Fernando Santos openly questioned Ronaldo’s demeanor after he was substituted in the loss to Korea.

Gary Neville, a former MU player, recently expressed his displeasure with his juniors’ attitude: “Oh, it was assumed at MU that Ten Hag was attempting to disadvantage Ronaldo by establishing rights and power within the team.

This is a coach who has a fantastic eight-year relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo and many Ronaldo fans who refuse to tell him the truth.”

However, in the short term, he needs to significantly improve his performance because the coach of Juventus may have been wrong.

Is the manager of Manchester United making a mistake?

Is it possible that the Portuguese coach has made a mistake?

According to what Gary Neville has said, the three coaches who were just mentioned have all expressed similar complaints about him.

It is likely that Ronaldo will not start for Portugal when they compete in the quarterfinals of the 2022 World Cup because he was not selected to start in Portugal’s most recent match, and it is also likely that this will happen in the quarterfinals of the 2022 European Championship.

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