Serbia face Fifa ɗisciplinary with 3 counts proceedings after storмy Switzerland

Fifa has initiated disciplinary proceedings against Serbia on three offenses related to their contentious loss to Switzerland in the group stage.

After suffering a 3-2 defeat on Friday, Serbia was knocked out of the World Cup competition. They are already the subject of an ongoing investigation for displaying a flag in their dressing room that included Kosovo as part of their nation’s territory prior to playing Brazil eight days earlier; now the governing body has begun a new set of cases for incidents that occurred during and around a match in which the tensions gradually increased.

The following is an excerpt from a statement issued by Fifa: “The Fifa disciplinary committee has opened proceedings against the Football Association of Serbia due to potential breaches of articles 12 (misconduct of players and officials), 13 (discrimination), and 16 (order and security at matches) of the Fifa disciplinary code in relation to incidents that occurred during the Serbia vs. Switzerland World Cup match that took place on 2 December.”

At the 77th minute mark of the game, an announcement was made over the public address system asking the crowd to refrain from “discriminatory shouts and gestures.” An eyewitness later told the Guardian that supporters of Serbia had flashed fascist slogans and directed racist shouts towards ethnic Albanians at Stadium 974. The eyewitness also claimed to have been attacked by a group of fans during the incident.

During a match that was interrupted because of a conflicт involving the Switzerland midfielder Granit Xhaka, eleven players, seven of whom were from Serbia, were issued yellow and red cards. After the Serbian bench had pleaded for a second-half penalty, it appeared as though he grabbed his genitals in front of them, which caused tempers to flare on both sides of the field. Xhaka was also involved in a late altercation with a player for Serbia named Nikola Milenkovic, which created an altercation quite similar to the one that occurred earlier.

According to what The Guardian has been told, there will be no legal action taken against the Swiss football association in connection with what took place.

Serbia are in deep water with FIFA for actions on and off the field following their loss to Switzerland in the World Cup.

After a contentious match in the group round of the World Cup 2022 against Switzerland, Serbia is in dаnger of receiving disciplinary action from FIFA. The team captained by Dragan Stojkovic was knocked out of the competition after suffering a loss by a score of 3-2; nevertheless, the game was marred by alleged racist chants and fans displaying fascist slogans.

FIFA issued a warning to spectators about the language that was being used throughout the game, and tempers flared on the field as well. During the heated competition, seven players from Serbia and four stars from Switzerland received yellow cards for their actions.


After the match, FIFA will likely take some sort of action, and it is currently up to Serbia to wait and see what that action is.

Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri, two of Switzerland’s most prominent athletes, received fines from FIFA in 2018 for their goal celebrations during a match against Serbia. Because of his participation in the festivities, Captain Stephan Lichtsteiner was also given a monetary penalty. The actions of the players were deemed to be intentionally оffensive, which led Slavisa Kokeza, the head of the Serbian Football Association, to denounce them.

According to a statement, “The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has opened proceedings against the Football Association of Serbia due to potential breaches of articles 12 (misconduct of players and officials), 13 (discrimination), and 16 (order and security at matches) of the FIFA Disciplinary Code in relation to incidents that occurred during the Serbia vs. Switzerland FIFA World CupTM match that took place on 2 December.”

FIFA open disciplinary proceedings against Uruguay

Regarding the behavior of Uruguay and four players during their World Cup group stage match against Ghana, FIFA has launched disciplinary proceedings against both the team and the players.

The South American nation defeated Ghana by a score of 2-0, although they were eliminated from the competition due to the number of goals they scored and finished in third place in Group H.

As a direct consequence of this, Portugal and South Korea are the two nations that have advanced to the round of 16.

After the game was over, the Uruguayan players were unhappy because they had not been awarded a penalty for the incident that occurred between Darwin Nunez and Alidu Seidu.

This resulted in a number of players assaulting the referee, and one of the assistant referees appeared to be physically abused by the players.

As a direct consequence of this, Jose Maria Gimenez, Edinson Cavani, Fernando Muslera, and Diego Godin are all at rιsk of receiving disciplinary action for violating the provisions of FIFA’s disciplinary code that pertain to improper conduct and оffensive behavior.

Giminez’s involvement in the altercation might result in a suspension of 15 matches, while Cavani, a former player for Manchester United who was videotaped pushing over the pitchside monitor as he headed down the tunnel after the game, could also face disciplinary action.

The Uruguayan FA is being investigated for violations of the code of conduct, as well as a separate investigation into allegations of prejudice



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