Seats VVIP and VVVIP bring Qatar 2022 World Cup revenue record

The World Cup this yearmay generate roughly $800m in revenue, setting a record for the hospitality industry. At the same time, the VIP and VVIP seating spaces at the 2022 World Cup are confirmed to redefine what a unique premium privilege is…

According to the New York Times, encircled by gates and secluded from the ordinary sidewalk, the entrance for VVIP guests is like a boulevard of fame where rich fans and celebrities can enter directly. either by a luxurious automobile or a helicopter.

With a large fortune, thismiddle Eastern country always knows how to deliver experiences like no other with air conditioning in the stadium and themost advanced technologies. The World Cup host this year has increased the level of luxury in VIP areas by introducingmore luxury areas. In fact, the 2022 World Cup has toomany VIP guests, whichmakes it impossible for the organizers to coordinate, so they have to develop extra VVIP or even VVVIP sections.

The seats and accompanying amenities are clearly split according to the amount ofmoney that supporters spend. The ability to drink аlcоhоl in the lounges that have internal staircases that lead directly to the best seats is the fundamental distinction between VVIPs and other football fans, in addition to the superior care they receive. stadium. Before the tournament began, Qatar abruptly announced a ban on the sale of аlcоhоlic beverages inside and around the stadium, the crowd. However, that does not apply to the VIP area.

Besides normal seats, there are up to 5 types of entertainment rooms waiting to watchmatches at the stadiums taking place in the 2022 World Cup. In addition to high-class treatment, these places also provide optimum privacy. Guests can linger in the lounge after the game to celebrate. As the final price will bemore than the group stage, pricesmay alter depending on how important thematch is.

The lowest is the Club Class or Gallery Seat with tickets from $ 950 per person, supplied appetizers, first-classmatch tickets, and complimentary drinks. When they leave, they are handed keepsakes and parking spaces. Seating location on the field is not too varied.

At a viewing area at Al Bayt Stadium, $3,000 a ticket will include a seat to watch a football game and be given premium beverages such as Taittinger Champagne, Chivas Regal,martell VSOP and Tequila Jose Cuervo 1800. Right from the reception area, these paying spectators will receive a special ticket and a small gift bag, then enjoy a welcome drink. Inside this area is an aperitif table, followed by a beautiful dinner table with dishes such as lamb, sirloin, fish… lavishly designed together with a dessert buffet. In addition, a band will serve anymusic desired by the guest.

Themost advanced level costs $5,000/game each participant. These are rooms positioned in a high position, with a private entrance with a red carpet. At this level, guests will enjoy on-site feasts, hosted by top personal chefs and bartenders, and guests will also receive a special commemorative gift that includes a private room in the area. Luxury at Al Bayt Stadium with full amenities such as self-folding bed, bathroom with themost contemporary equipment.

Even when upgrading to VVIP status still did notmatch the number of attendees, the organizers were compelled to establish a whole new level: VVVIP with a level of “exclusivity” that not evenmoney can purchase. But the difficult question is how is the VIP categorization, is it allowed to havemoney?

An employee, who begged not to be named, stated that VVIPs are usually sponsors, people in the business and financial sectors… Even FIFA President Gianni Infantino is simply a VVIP. Crown princes, emirs, and distinguished visitors like David Beckham are among the people who are given the VVVIP designation. This former famous player was paid $ 277m by Qatar (to be paid progressively over 10 years, a record spending for the face of the World Cup) to be an ambassador for the 2022 World Cup. Before that, he was also arranged. Staying at themost expensive hotel rooms costs up to 23,000 USD/night.

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