Salt Bae criticized due to ‘unacceptable’ action with Mbappe

For his intimate gestures with Kylian Mbappe, Chef Nurset Gokce received criticism from many football fans.

When Mbappe visited the chef’s restaurant to eat, “Saint of Salt,” as chef Gokce is known online, appeared with the France star in a video. When Gokce visits to chat and make intimate gestures, Mbappe does not feel very comfortable. Following a handshake and a photo, Gokce kissed Mbappe on the cheek.

As a result, “Salt sprinkled” received a lot of negative feedback from fans. Comments like “Mbappe looks bad,” “If it were me, I wouldn’t let this happen,” etc. are common.

“Salt sprinkled” was heavily criticized following the 2022 World Cup. During Argentina’s celebration of their triumph, he had awkward moments. In an effort to approach Lionel Messi, the Turkish cook upsets “El Pulga.” Messi left after that, but Gokce remained attached. Salt Bae tried to defend his friendship with Messi, but the only response he got from the supporters was criticism. In addition, Gokce stole Lisandro Martinez’s gold cup off the center back.

Going to the pitch to celebrate the “Salt Sprinkler” was ruled to be unlawful by FIFA. FIFA will launch an investigation into this as well. According to FIFA rules, only World Cup champions or heads of state are permitted to touch the golden trophy.

Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, stopped following the “Saint of Salt” after his antics on social media.

Gokce has exhibited unappreciative behavior before. This chef arrived to snap selfies with Mohamed Salah following the 2018 Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid. The Egyptian striker’s face showed a dejected expression when his side lost. Salah was fouled by Sergio Ramos, forcing him to leave the field early. Salah is now immobilized by a bandage that has been placed around his arm.


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