Ronaldo exists, Bruno Fernandes and five other players carry the Man Utd locker room

Ronaldo leaves, 6 stars lead the MU dressing room

The responsibility of managing Manchester United’s dressing room will fall on the shoulders of six stars now that Cristiano Ronaldo is not part of the team.

After giving a defamatory interview to the media the previous month, Manchester United decided to terminate Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract with the club. This event is now in the past for the time being. When Manchester United’s players got back together after the 2022 World Cup, the atmosphere in the dressing room wasn’t too drastically changed.

The Red Devils, on the other hand, are missing genuine leaders.

They desire to have a player on their roster who is capable of assuming the leadership role in the locker room in the wake of Ronaldo’s departure.

Previously, when the 37-year-old striker was still wearing the Red Devils shirt, despite the fact that he did not wear the captain’s armband, he still had a certain voice.

He was held in high esteem by a great number of younger players, who admired and respected him.

As the club captain, Harry Maguire will continue to be held to the highest standards when it comes to his role as the leader of the locker room. After that comes Bruno Fernandes, who serves as the vice-captain of the team. Both demonstrated strong performance at the 2022 World Cup, and following the reunion, they will bring positive energy to the rest of the team.

The same can be said about Raphael Varane and Casemiro, who are the duo with the most experience that Man Utd possesses.

As a result of France’s qualification for the championship match, Varane will be able to go back to Old Trafford with the DNA of a winner.

Despite the fact that Caremiro’s team, Brazil, was eliminated, his performance was flawless.

The Brazilian player has not been one of the most vocal contributors in the locker room for the Red Devils.

However, he is a model that all players should strive to emulate, both in terms of their behaviour on the field and their professionalism off of it.

Since joining the team in the summer, Christian Eriksen has contributed to the MU locker room by bringing with him a wealth of valuable game experience. The calm demeanour of the Danish star is capable of calming agitated minds.

David de Gea is the name of the player who is receiving the most anticipation.

He is the only person still with the team from the time when coach Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge, and he has always been revered as the team’s deity.

De Gea is also given the responsibility of wearing the armband of the captain on occasion.

On the field, the Spaniard displayed increased confidence and a greater level of determination while playing for Ten Hag.

Manchester United’s sponsorship deal of £235m canceled

Technology company Team Viewer terminated its sponsorship contract with Manchester United while the season was still ongoing.

The company blamed Manchester United for its share price plunge. From now on, Man United has the right to find a new sponsor for the front of the shirt. According to The Sun, the company’s share price has lost 80% of its value since signing with Man United (from £ 31.65 to £ 10.55).

Earlier in March 2021, “Red Devils” agreed to sign a sponsorship contract from Team Viewer. This partnership helps the Old Trafford team earn £ 235 million in 5 years, and is also one of the largest shirt sponsorship deals in football history.

The tech company also rҽvҽαled a number of other factors that have negatively impacted investment, including instability in Ukrаιnе and the impact of the pandemic around the world. Shares of the German technology company rose 5% in August after they hinted that they would not continue their sponsorship deal with Man United.

This is one of the big events that happened at Old Trafford recently. “Red Devils” have just bid farewell to Cristiano Ronaldo, an influential player around the world. After Ronaldo left, it was the Glazers’ turn to confirm that they were selling the club and is now officially terminated by the shirt sponsor.

On December 22, Man United will return to play with a match against Burnley in the round of 16. MU will not have the service of central defenders Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martinez due to the World Cup final. The two stars were given a week’s rest after returning from Qatar.

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