Ronaldo and his girlfriend enjoy a yacht of £5.5 мillion

The girlfriend of the Portuguese star, Georgina Rodriguez, enjoyed sharing the moment she and her boyfriend had fun on the £5.5 million yacht they own.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend re-shared the image of the couple enjoying a vacation on a yacht worth £5.5 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend re-shared the image of the couple enjoying a vacation on a yacht worth £5.5 million.

On his personal page of nearly 49 million followers, Ronaldo’s shadow shared about buying a super yacht worth £5.5 million: “We went to buy a yacht on one day. summer afternoon. And here are some pictures of that magical summer.”

Attached to the post of the 29-year-old model is a series of snapshots from the 2020 trip. Fans claim that Rodriguez, Ronaldo and their children are all relaxing on the boat, but the beauty only shared photos of herself and her friends. Former Real Madrid star . While one picture, she and the former Manchester United striker locked lips passionately in front of the picturesque scene. She also cleverly showed off an impressive array of branded handbags. The last photo is a scene of Georgina playfully wearing a Ronaldo mask.

When the whole world was covered by the pandemic in 2020, the 38-year-old striker, his girlfriend and young children escaped it all by staying on a luxury boat.

The ship named Azimut Grande is nearly 27 meters long and has 5 cabins and 6 luxurious bathrooms. It also has a modern kitchen, two relaxation areas, a large living room and a dining room. The superyacht is capable of reaching a speed of 28 knots thanks to two 1,900 horsepower engines and is made of carbon fiber weighing up to 93 tons.

The Argentinian beauty and her boyfriend, along with their children Cristiano Jr, Mateo, Eva Maria and Alana Martina were all on the million-pound ship when they arrived in Madeira (Spain) and Majorca (Portugal), along with other famous tourist attractions. In the future, baby Bella Esmeralda, born last year, will surely have many cruises when she grows up.

Currently, Ronaldo is a star at Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nassr team. As for Rodriguez, she recently made a strong impression in a photo shoot for Sorbet magazine. Model 9X continuously poses seductively, professionally in many different outfits and expensive jewelry.

After owning a yacht, Ronaldo’s family enjoyed vacations at sea together. In a new post, Georgina Rodriguez wrote: “That magical summer afternoon, we went to buy the family yacht, and here are a few photos of that magical summer. Always remember the beautiful landscape and the time. beautiful weather of 2020”.

In the series of photos that Georgina Rodriguez shared, you can see her sweet moments with Ronaldo, the warm moments of their family on the yacht. There are photos that clearly show the luxury on the yacht that Ronaldo owns, when the pillows, tablecloths, sunbeds … are made by high-end brands.

Ronaldo's girlfriend shows the difference between people with money - 4

Rodriguez also shared pictures of high-end designer handbags she carried on the yacht. Recently, the 29-year-old beauty shared in an interview how she felt in her first meeting with Ronaldo.

When he was a salesman at a high-end fashion store in Madrid (Spain), once Rodriguez was asked to stay a little later because a VIP customer was about to drop by the store, That guest was Cristiano Ronaldo. He stunned and thrilled Rodriguez, who had noticed each other since their first meeting at the store in 2016.

In an interview with The Sun (UK), Georgina Rodriguez said: “He’s such a handsome man. When I saw him in real life, he was so handsome that I felt embarrassed. Dare to look. I must say at that time I felt very nervous and worried.”

Rodriguez asserts that in her emotional relationship with Ronaldo, feelings come from both sides right from the first meeting. At that time, Rodriguez’s life was still very difficult, but then love changed Cinderella’s life very quickly.

Rodriguez was born in a small town called Jaca in Spain. Her father is Argentinian, he was in prison for transporting when she was 9 years old. Rodriguez’s childhood and later life was very difficult, until she attached to Ronaldo.

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