Romano confirmed, United are about to complete ‘historic deal’ with Netherlands’s ‘new King’

Jacque Talbot of Football Transfers has chosen Jeremie Frimpong, who is currently playing for Bayer Leverkusen, as the player who has the biggest probability of becoming Manchester United’s next right back signing. Frimpong is currently playing for Bayer Leverkusen. GiveMeSport was gracious enough to give us this information, which we greatly appreciate.

When it comes to individuals who are able to play on the right side of the Red Devils’ defense, Talbot is of the opinion that Erik ten Hag’s countryman needs to be at the very top of the Red Devils’ transfer want list in order to be considered for a transfer. This is due to the fact that there is a possibility that Aaron Wan-Bissaka will depart from Old Trafford in the very near future.

According to the trustworthy Fabrizio Romano, United have just disclosed to GMS that they are “100%” inclined to let Wan-Bissaka leave the club. This information comes from United. United has kindly supplied us with this information.

Because of this, the Manchester club would need to acquire the services of a new right defender in order to provide Diogo Dalot additional competition at the position. Recently, when people have been discussing potential possibilities, the name of Frimpong has come up more than once in a number of those discussions.

At the tail end of November, a reporter for Sky Sport by the name of Florian Plettenberg made the allegation that the 22-year-old had been notified by United of their interest in him. The allegation was made by Florian Plettenberg. The assertion was made by Plettenberg in the previous sentence.

Romano has expressed his belief to The United Stand that the cost of purchasing Frimpong may go as high as €25 million (about £22 million). This information was provided in response to a question about how much money one might spend on a game of table tennis (also known as “frimpong”).

Talbot believes that the club will sign Frimpong as a player to play right back in the event that they do sign a new right back in the event that United needs to replace Wan-Bissaka with a new right back. In addition, Talbot believes that the club will sign Frimpong as a player to play right back in the event that United needs to replace Wan-Bissaka.

The journalist had this response regarding Frimpong when asked about him: “I think for me, that’d be the most likely.” During the course of this chat, GMS was present. Frimpong is a Dutch player who currently plays for Leverkusen, a team that has struggled mightily so far this season and may be willing to sell him at a discount. Due to this fact, I would assign the greatest degree of responsibility to that one.

Easily. Frimpong is a fullback who is quite capable of playing in the forward position. This means that he can also play the position of the fullback. He has the ability to offer United a fresh perspective on the right wing of the club’s offense. It’s possible that this will be really helpful.

According to WhoScored, he has has scored five goals and contributed two assists in this season’s Bundesliga tournament, which is rather impressive for a defender to do at this time in a league given that it is already halfway through the competition. There have been a total of 14 times that he has participated in league competition.

In addition, the Dutchman averages 2.1 successful dribbles per league match, which is the highest average of any player currently on Leverkusen’s roster. As a defender, he has not been doing all that poorly either, as evidenced by the fact that he has been averaging 1.7 tackles per game throughout the course of the season. This indicates that his overall performance has not been all that poor.

Although a lot will depend on what happens with Wan-Bissaka, it seems that buying Frimpong could be a smart decision for the club. Despite this, a lot will depend on what happens with Wan-Bissaka. However, a great deal will also be determined by the events surrounding Wan-Bissaka. If United want to replace the guy who once played for Crystal Palace and decide to sell him, as one may anticipate they will, then acquiring Frimpong looks like it could be a good move for them. Frimpong seems like he could be a sensible move for United.

Due to the fact that it will only cost you 22 million pounds, it has the potential to be one of the most alluring deals that can be found throughout the month of January. The player in question was a member of the Celtics in the past throughout his playing career. And by the time he was 22, he would have plenty of time to develop at Old Trafford under Ten Hag’s direction, which would allow him to become an even better player than he already was.


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