Riot Games decided to delete inactive game accounts in its games

Valorant, League of Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift game accounts,…if not active for a long period of time, will be completely removed by Riot Games in the future.

In a latest share from the “music company” side Riot Games then they are intending to strengthen the account security for their gamers in the future. But in the latest move of this game company, it is that they will decide to “delete” the accounts that are no longer active in their games, including Wild Rift, League of Legends, Valorant

Riot Games also gives the following definition of “very inactive” accounts:

“A Riot Games account is defined as very inactive when not logged into any of our games, apps or websites for 3 years.

That means even if you’re not playing any matches, as long as you’re logged into the client game your account will still be counted as active. Similarly, you can also log into websites to be counted as active.”

Not only that, Riot Games also shared with gamers 5 shield conditions for an account deleted by this publisher, including:

  • The account is counted as inactive (defined above).
  • The account has not purchased any currency during its lifetime.
  • The account has not received any currency during its lifetime.
  • Account has played for less than 20 hours.
  • The account does not own any limited items.

With this notice of Riot Games the plan to remove the “very inactive” account is likely to be rolled out in the next few months. Of course, before proceeding to delete the account, Riot Games will also send notification emails to gamers, avoiding the unfortunate deletion of the player’s “spiritual value” accounts.

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