‘It stinks!’ Rio Ferdinand dеfends Ronaldo, ᴜɴеxpеctеdly mentions Beckham, Lampard and Gerrard

Rio Ferdinand defended Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to join Al-Nassr and break his promise to continue his career at a top European club.

Rio Ferdinand defended Ronaldo’s decision to end his playing career at Al-Nassr

Following the confirmation of his contentious departure from Manchester United earlier this month, the 37-year-old made an announcement about his desire to try to win the Champions League once more. He had previously asserted that he could continue to play at his best until he was 40.

Ronaldo attempted to leave Old Trafford during the summer, but Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Bayern Munich all turned down the chance to sign the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

The former Juventus player had hoped that the World Cup in Qatar would serve as a showcase and improve his chances of landing the desired transfer, but his competition came to an embarrassing end when Portugal was eliminated by Morocco in the quarterfinals.

Ronaldo committed to a two-year contract with Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia, a deal rumored to be worth an astounding £350 million.

Given Ronaldo’s involvement in Saudi Arabia’s bid to host the 2030 World Cup despite their questionable human rights record, the reaction to his decision has been overwhelmingly nеgativе.

Ferdinand, a former teammate of Ronaldo, believes that moving to a new continent should be viewed as a chance and an adventure.

He congratulated Vibe with FIVE, sаying, “I’m glad for him that he’s finally happy.” A football player’s happiness and satisfaction with their playing environment are among the most important factors, regardless of level.

He hasn’t been content in a while, so even though he’s going to a place no one anticipated, I’m glad he’s about to find it.

What an opportunity and adventure it is for him to go to Saudi Arabia and participate in a brand-new, competitive league.

Some experts and other commentators have stated that it is a sad way for him to go. The only regrettable aspect is that Manchester United has ended. In a few years, I believe he’ll realize that a different approach might have been preferable.

But how is the trip to Saudi Arabia described in the following section a depressing way to end his career? How anyone could sаy that baffles me.

Ferdinand questioned whether there were any unfair comparisons because a number of legendary players from the Premier League, including Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, and Frank Lampard, were not criticized when they chose to end their careers in the United States on lucrative Major League Soccer contracts.

Liverpool legend Gerrard finished career in the MLS with LA Galaxy

David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, and Steven Gerrard visiting America was awesome, he continued.

They deserve and have earned it, so let them go.

Only the media has ever shown me this. However, because Saudi Arabia is involved, the situation is shameful. A man should be allowed to live his life and enjoy it. His family will experience a new culture on this new adventure.

Every country in the world has its own set of problems. Does Saudi Arabia experience more problems than the US? Are Bastian Schweinsteiger and the rest of these athletes allowed to participate in American sports?

Before they leave the country, give them one more year to live there. We wish we could have heard more of this conversation. It lacks coherence.

You’ve been told that, like every other player who ended their career by moving to a league with less competition, you have earned the right to do so. This man has earned his privilege more than any other man on the planet.


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