Replacing Martial, United decided to sign the mega contract with ‘Crespo 2.0’

The Manchester United striker position is one that the Red Devils would like to upgrade during this current transfer window, and as part of their efforts to do so, they are considering a variety of different players for the position.

Joao Felix, who is now playing for Atletico Madrid, has been cited as the primary target in the past; nevertheless, a trade appears improbable due to the expensive cost that is associated with loaning a player from one club to another.

It has been reported that Depay would be open to the possibility of returning with United, and the organization has indicated that, given the chance, they would prefer a solution that involves a low-cost loan.

The Dutchman is currently in the final six months of his contract, but Barcelona is willing to let him go for a low price in order to make room for another player. The Dutchman’s contract expires in June. The agreement between the Dutchman and the company is expected to run out in June of this year.

Given the speculation that the club’s hierarchy places higher weight on a short-term deal, it is still unknown whether or not United will make an approach to sign the player, although it is likely that they will. Despite this, it is highly probable that United will.

Depay has been a member of Barcelona’s roster for the past year and a half, but he has not been able to secure a role for himself owing to a mix of factors, including absences caused by injury and the tough competition for places. Despite this, Depay continues to be a member of the team.

Despite this, he has been the primary creator of 16 of the team’s goals, bringing the overall score up to 42. If he were to sign with United, there is a strong possibility that he would get regular playing time, and the addition of him to the squad would be advantageous. If he were to leave United, there is a good likelihood that he would not get regular playing time.

The 28-year-old is versatile enough to play either on the left wing or as the primary striker for the club, offering the team additional choices in terms of how they can utilize him. Because of his speed, his ability to dribble the ball, and his ability to run in a straight line, the preferred playing style of the manager would be a perfect fit for him.

After a disappointing first season at United, which spanned from 2015 to 2017, Memphis Depay might be interested in making amends with the club; however, the fact that money is involved is the primary obstacle that prevents this from happening.

The attacker is currently receiving a weekly salary of €200,000 at Camp Nou, and he would anticipate being paid a fee that is comparable to this if he were to make the transition to Old Trafford this month. If this were to occur, he would expect to be paid a fee that is comparable to what he is currently receiving. If something like this were to take place, he would anticipate receiving a charge that is analogous to the one he receives at the moment.

On top of this, Barcelona may demand an additional 5 million Euros in order to cover the cost of the relocation. Although the athlete is already 28 years old, it is currently unknown whether or not Manchester United would have any interest in re-signing the player to a long-term agreement despite the fact that he already has 28 years under his belt.

It would appear that the board of directors for Manchester United is considering making a stopgap signing until the summer, but Barcelona has made it abundantly clear that they will only sell Depay in exchange for monetary compensation. Manchester United may be considering making a signing as a stopgap until the summer.

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