Replacing De Gea, Man Utd formally agrees to break Kepa’s record to sign Casillas’s ‘heir’

Edouard Mendy has been recommended as a potential replacement for David de Gea in the goalkeeping position at Manchester United, in the event that the Red Devils go ahead and decide to let de Gea leave the club.

Sir Alex Ferguson was the one who recruited the goalie while he was still a young player and brought him to the club when he was still a young player. He has participated in the activities of that community for well over a decade at this point. The club and the Spaniard are now in the midst of contract negotiations in attempt to lengthen the player’s current term, which will come to an end in June. The club’s current deal with the player is set to expire in June. However, Erik ten Hag has already given the impression that he is open to the possibility of changing his No. 1 shirt. If he did so, the squad would have room for a new player to join.

2019 marks the beginning of De Gea’s massive new contract, which will see him earn well over 300,000 British Pounds Sterling each and every week. If he were to keep working at Old Trafford, he would be forced to take a wage cut, which is something that may become a controversial topic during the process of bargaining over the conditions of his employment. As a direct consequence of this fact, Louis Saha has suggested to Manchester United that they submit a bid for the Senegalese goalkeeper who plays for Chelsea. Saha serves as the captain of Manchester United at the present time.

He stated his belief that “Man United should take a bet on Edouard Mendy if De Gea departed” in an interview with BoyleSports. He said that “Man United should take a bet on Edouard Mendy.” Edouard Mendy is a goalkeeper for the French national team. Even though De Gea is still considered one of the top goalkeepers in the world, when he makes mistakes like the ones he did against Everton, it is never a positive sign for his team’s chances of success. These mistakes ultimately resulted in Manchester United losing the game. The affection and admiration that David de Gea receives as a result of the heroic performances he has delivered over the years is praise and admiration that he justifiably deserves. De Gea has come to his team’s rescue on a seemingly endless number of occasions during the course of his career.

Edouard Mendy, who now plays the position of goalkeeper for Chelsea, is an intriguing prospect for Manchester United to pursue in the event that David de Gea does not reach an agreement with the club about the terms of a new deal. I have no idea what happened to him after he established himself over the course of the last several years as one of the top goalkeepers in the world but I have no idea what happened to him. None of the other people do either.

De Gea has attempted to downplay the speculation that surrounds his future with the club, where he is still the starting goalkeeper. He is sure that his achievements at Old Trafford, where he has won multiple Player of the Year Awards, are evidence of his value, and he says this with great conviction. De Gea has attempted to downplay the speculation that surrounds his next career. De Gea continues to hold the position of the club’s primary goalkeeper. De Gea has batted off the rumors that have been circulating about his future, and he is still performing the duties associated with being the starting goalkeeper for the club.

He is said to have said in the past, and this statement has been credited to a quotation, “I don’t have to display anything, because I have already shown for many years what my attributes are.” This statement was attributed to a quotation because it was claimed that he said it. Even though I am well aware that the vast majority of people take pleasure in discussion, I am easily able to shut it out and concentrate on something else. I’m just giving it everything I’ve got, working hard to make a good contribution to the overall success of the team, and striving to do the absolute best that I can in any given situation. When you have more knowledge, it is much simpler to tune out information that is either irrelevant or bothersome because you have more knowledge. I am exposed to a wide range of events, and I am successful in conquering a significant number of challenging situations.

“To be honest, I couldn’t care less. Instead of thinking about anything else, I just focus on my games, my practice, and my team. Right now, I’m in great shape, and everything in my life is going exactly how I wanted it to. I think positively, which helps me have a positive effect on the team and do well in training. We, along with the other members of the club, are doing well right now.”

While playing for Chelsea, Mendy has tasted at least some degree of success, and this has occurred both when he was selected for the starting eleven and when he was not. Kepa Arrizabalaga is putting in a lot of effort to restore himself with the Blues, and despite the fact that he is now sidelined with an injury, he has been given the opportunity to do so. Kepa Arrizabalaga is working hard. As a result of Mendy’s decision to turn down the club’s offer of a new contract, the organization is continuing conversations with potential goalkeepers in an effort to fill the gap that Mendy has left behind.

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